15 Best Affordable Birthday Cakes In Singapore [2023]

Affordable Birthday Cake Singapore

Best Affordable Birthday Cake Singapore
Best Affordable Birthday Cake Singapore

Birthdays are special occasions that we look forward to all year round. And what better way to celebrate than with a delicious cake?

But sometimes, budget constraints can make it hard to find the perfect birthday cake for your birthday party in Singapore.

Fear not! We’ve curated a list of the Best Affordable Birthday Cakes in Singapore for you so you don’t have to break the bank for an amazing birthday treat!

From classic favourites like chocolate and vanilla cakes to unique flavours like matcha and pandan, these affordable cakes will definitely be a hit at your birthday party in Singapore!

Key Consideration Factors

Here are some things to remember when buying affordable birthday cakes in Singapore:

  • Budget: Before ordering, think about how much you’re willing to spend on your cake. This will help narrow down the search and make it easier to find a cake that fits into your budget.
  • Taste: Everyone has different preferences when it comes to food, so make sure to keep an open mind when selecting a cake. Consider what flavours your guests like and choose a cake that will be enjoyed by everyone at your birthday celebration in Singapore.
  • Appearance: You want your cake to look as good as it tastes! Look for cakes with a creative design or topping that will make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special.
  • Delivery: Some bakeries offer delivery services for an additional fee, so factor that into your budget if you’re planning on having the cake delivered

Best Affordable Birthday Cake Singapore

1) Cake Spade

Key ServiceCustomisable birthday cake Singapore
Address83 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088504
Phone64444 3868
Operating HoursDaily 12 PM – 10 PM

For any momentous event, Cake Spade offers a remarkable selection of designer cakes and cupcakes to make it truly special. Classics like Chocolate Fudge as well as more decadent options such as Red Velvet; they provide an array of scrumptious treats for your festivities! Plus, let them know if you’re looking for something extra-special tailored just for your occasion – from weddings to anniversaries – and their skilled bakers will craft a unique custom cake design exclusively for you!

2) Monice Bakes

Key ServiceCustomized affordable birthday cake Singapore
AddressBedok Reservoir View, The Clearwater, Singapore 479234
Phone9815 0022

If you’re looking for the ideal cake to make your special occasion remarkable and unique, then look no further than Monice Bakes! Their bakery specializes in creating custom cupcakes and layered cakes that are perfect for any event – from birthday parties, baby showers, weddings to corporate events. With a huge variety of themes available ranging from cartoon characters and sports logos to florals designs or something more whimsical – their talented team can craft your dream cake exactly how you imagined it!

3) Four Leaves

Key ServiceAffordable birthday cake Singapore
Address11 Enterprise Road, Jurong Town, Singapore 629823

Make your celebration unique with Four Leaves Bakery in Singapore! Whether you’re after a 2D cartoon cake starting at SG$41 or 3D options from SG$69 and up, they have the perfect treat to suit whatever occasion – all available in various sizes so that even small events can feel special. They prioritize taste over intricate design, so be sure that their cakes will look as delicious as they taste!

4) Sooperlicious

Key ServiceHalal affordable birthday cakes Singapore
Address183 Jalan Pelikat, The Promenade B1-92, Singapore 537643
Phone9101 5856
Operating HoursDaily 9 AM – 7 PM

At Sooperlicious, you have the extraordinary opportunity to design your own irresistible custom cake! From flavor and sweetness to size and shape – they make sure every wish is fulfilled with meticulous precision. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even upload a picture for an extra special touch of personalization. With Sooperlicious, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating mouth-watering masterpieces!

5) Cat & the fiddle

Key ServiceHalal birthday cakes Singapore
Address6 Woodland Square #01-15, Solo 2, Woods Square, Singapore 737737
Phone6287 0077
Operating HoursMon-Fri: 11am to 7pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 9am to 5pm

Enjoy the finest kind of luxury with Cat & The Fiddle, an acclaimed online bakery founded by Chef Daniel Tay. Not only can you find a variety of Halal-certified cheesecakes named after beloved characters, but you can also enjoy same day delivery for your treats! Indulge in this convenient and effortless treat today!

6) Le Petit Empire

Key ServiceMoney-pulling birthday cakes Singapore
Address11 Cavan Rd, #01-03, Singapore 209848
Phone9855 4223
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday: 10am to 6pm

Feeling lucky? Why not put it to the test with Le Petit Empire’s extraordinary Money Pulling Cake Collection at Cavan Road! Here you can discover real cash inside your cakes. This bakery is offering a vast range of designer cakes for any occasion – from animal-themed ones, 3D designs and even over-the-top casino creations that take indulgence up a notch. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to have some delectable surprises today with their luxurious cake collection!

7) Temptations Cakes Shop

Key ServiceScrumptious birthday cakes Singapore
Address199 Sims Ave, Singapore 387503
Phone6440 9200
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 11 AM – 7 PM
Saturday to Sunday: 9 AM – 7 PM

For the past three decades, Temptations Cakes Shop has been tantalizing tastebuds with its scrumptious cakes and pastries. It’s no wonder they have earned such prestigious titles as “Best Cake Shop in Singapore” and “Best Durian Cakes”. Now is your chance to experience this delightful eatery – come indulge yourself at Temptations Cakes Shop today!

8) Paisley & Cream

Key ServiceCrafter birthday cake Singapore
Address70 Shenton Way, Singapore 079118
PhonePuja +65 9838 6978 | Reshma +65 9850 6145
Operating HoursTues to Sat 10 AM–12 PM

Satisfy your sweet tooth with an array of delicious treats from Paisley & Cream! With classic and creative flavors, you’ll find the perfect cake for any occasion. From show-stopping 3D cakes to delicate macarons and cupcakes, they’ve got all your cravings covered. Plus, their custom designs make sure every moment is truly memorable – come see why everyone loves them!

9) The Patissier

Key ServiceMeringue birthday cake Singapore
Address4 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238955
Phone6737 3369
Email enquiry@thepatissier.com
Operating Hours10 AM – 5 PM, Daily

Make a lasting impression on your guests with the delectable Passion Fruit Meringue cake, loved by many and often sold out! But if meringues aren’t your thing, you’ll still find plenty of delicious options like chocolate cakes, cheesecakes or tarts. For an extra special occasion, don’t miss out on their awe-inspiring Croquembouche celebration cake – a truly unique experience for all to remember.

10) Cakes & Cupcakes

Key ServiceGluten-free affordable birthday cake Singapore
Phone65 9224 8663
Operating HoursMondays to Saturdays
10am to 7pm
(Last Order at 6pm)
Sundays & PH
10am to 7pm
Pre-order Only
(Last Order at 6pm – 1 Day in Advance)

Cakes & Cupcakes is the perfect spot for any dessert lover. From their delectable Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Cake to their luxurious Basque Burnt Musang King Cheesecake and delightful Fromage Blanc Cheesecake, you’ll find something here that will tantalize your taste buds. Not only do they offer these delicious desserts – why not take a bite out of one of their mouthwatering macarons or cream puffs? And don’t forget about those cupcakes! With an abundance of treats available, there’s sure to be something for everyone at Cakes & Cupcakes.

11) Zee & Elle

Key ServiceSeasonal flavoured birthday cake Singapore
Address524 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368215
Phone6200 5393
Operating HoursTuesday to Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday: 10 AM – 2:30 PM

Elevate any special occasion to the extraordinary with Zee & Elle Bakery’s scrumptious desserts and cakes! From aromatic botanicals to tantalizing confections, their bakery offers a variety of seasonal flavors that will ensure your event is truly memorable. On top of that, each cake is crafted by their highly-skilled team – providing you with peace of mind knowing your dessert table will be in good hands. Make sure birthdays and sweet cravings are met without compromising on quality when you choose delightful treats from Zee & Elle Bakery!

12) Jo Takes The Cake

Key ServiceExquisite affordable birthday cake Singapore
AddressUpper Bukit Timah , Singapore, Singapore
Operating HoursMon to Fri 9 AM–6 PM

If you’re looking for a truly extraordinary cake artist, Jo is the answer. As an experienced mom of three, she specializes in creating stunning custom cakes with her signature feminine designs. Whether it’s one of her gorgeous 3D masterpieces or simply exquisite cream creations that will enchant all eyes – whatever your vision may be, she can make it happen! Her scrumptious cupcakes certainly deserve special mention too; they are utterly delicious!

13) Yours Sincerely Bakery

Key ServiceAffordable birthday cakes and pastries Singapore
Address430 Upper Changi Rd E, #01-105, Singapore 487048
Phone9853 7771
Operating HoursWednesday to Sunday: 10 AM – 7 PM

For over decade, Yours Sincerely Bakery has been the top choice for Singaporeans looking to celebrate with delectable treats. Their award-winning Waffles Cake and Rainbow Lava Cake have been trusted classics that can make your day even more special! And if you’re seeking something specific, their custom cakes will surely exceed your expectations. On top of that, all of their scrumptious desserts are Halal-certified for Muslim families’ assurance – so let Yours Sincerely Bakery help make your celebratory event even sweeter today!

14) Ugly Cake Shop

Key ServiceDelicious birthday cake Singapore
Address535 Kallang Bahru, GB Point #01-06, Singapore 339351
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM

At Ugly Cake Shop, they take pride in creating scrumptious cakes of the highest caliber for all Singaporeans to enjoy. They refuses to use any artificial colors or fondant and instead utilize only luxurious ingredients like French cocoa and butter – guaranteeing each bite will be savory bliss! Not simply a bakery café; Ugly Cake Shop is also an online cake shop providing customers with delectable pastries no matter where they are.

15) The Durian Bakery

Key ServiceHandcrafter affordable birthday cake Singapore
AddressThe Commerze @ Irving, 1-26 Irving Pl 369546
Website+65 8875 1069
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

Mark any special occasion with The Durian Bakery’s signature Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn and D24 Durian cakes! Their cakes are made from the best durians around, plus they can even produce customised ones complete with edible photo prints to make your cake uniquely yours. Let The Durian Bakery take your celebrations to a whole new level of yumminess!

Affordable Birthday Cake Singapore

Whether you’re looking for a traditional cake, cheesecake, tart or something more unique like a Croquembouche celebration cake – there are plenty of affordable birthday cakes available in Singapore. With the right bakery, you can ensure that your special occasion is truly memorable and delicious!

From Ugly Cake Shop’s luxurious ingredients to The Durian Bakery’s durian creations – it doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or not; these bakeries have got what it takes to make any event extra sweet.

So don’t wait – find an affordable yet amazing birthday cake today from one of these options in Singapore!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about affordable birthday cakes in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best affordable birthday cakes in Singapore below:

What are the best affordable birthday cakes in Singapore?

Some of the best affordable birthday cakes in Singapore include Jo Takes The Cake, Yours Sincerely Bakery, Ugly Cake Shop and The Durian Bakery.

Are there vegan options for affordable birthday cakes in Singapore?

Yes, some bakeries offer vegan options for affordable birthday cakes in Singapore, including Yours Sincerely Bakery and Ugly Cake Shop.

Is it possible to get customised birthday cakes in Singapore?

Yes, many bakeries in Singapore offer customised cake options, such as Jo Takes The Cake and The Durian Bakery.

Are there Halal-certified options for affordable birthday cakes in Singapore?

Yes, Yours Sincerely Bakery is Halal-certified and offers a range of delicious cakes at affordable prices.

What type of cakes are available at the best bakeries in Singapore?

The best bakeries in Singapore offer a range of cakes, from traditional cakes and cheesecakes to tarts, cupcakes, waffles cakes and lava cakes. There are also vegan-friendly options available.  In addition, many bakeries offer customised cake options, such as edible photo prints.  The Durian Bakery also offers durian-flavoured creations.

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