9 Best Standing Fans in Singapore [2024]

Standing Fan Singapore

Best Standing Fan Singapore

For those who don’t want to work while getting hot and sweaty at their desk, standing fans are ideal. Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes, hues, patterns, and forms so you can select one that complements your personal taste. It can be challenging to select the ideal standing fan for you with so many variations available. This list of the top models was made for that reason.

But before that, here are some consideration factors that you should keep in mind in choosing Standing Fans in Singapore.

Consideration factors when choosing Standing Fan Singapore

  • Size: Smaller fans can be used in a single room, while larger fans are more suitable for larger spaces.
  • Noise level: Not all fans have the same noise level, and louder fans can be disruptive and irritating.
  • Airflow of the fan: Powerful fans with more airflow will ensure that the air in a room is properly circulated.
  • Power usage of the fan: Some fans may use more electricity than others, so it’s important to select a fan that is energy-efficient. Once you have considered these factors, it’s time to start looking for the right standing fan in Singapore. There are numerous brands and models available in the market, so take your time and do some research to determine which one suits your needs best.
  • Cost: While there are some very expensive standing fans available in the market, there are also good quality models that come at more affordable prices. Take your time and compare different models to find one that fits both your needs and your budget. With the right Standing Fan in Singapore, you can enjoy comfortable air circulation all year round!

So if you’re looking for a Standing Fan in Singapore, make sure to consider these factors before making your decision. With the right research and selection process, you can be sure to find a model that will provide you with great value for money. Here are the Best Standing Fans in Singapore!

1. Mistral MSF1678 Stand Fan

Mistral MSF 1678 - Standing Fan Singapore
Mistral MSF 1678 – Standing Fan Singapore
Key Features120-minutes timer
ABS fan blade for efficient air blowing
Adjustable height
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Take advantage of the pleasant coolness. The 16-inch-tall Mistral MSF1678 Stand Fan provides excellent air circulation. It emits calming air that swiftly dissipates heat. Budget concerns are unneeded when using the Mistral MSF1678 Stand Fan for cooling.

This dependable Singaporean standing fan has every feature needed in an inside fan.

2. KDK P40US Stand Fan

KDK P40US - Standing Fan Singapore
KDK P40US – Standing Fan Singapore
Key Features3-speed functions plus an ON/OFF push button
Adjustable height
With metal blades
Silent operation
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The Double DIN KDC P40US Stand Speaker is efficiently powered by the KDK P40US Stand Fan. Its durability guarantees a steady flow of air. Because of its aerated design, users may experience delighted ventilation. The KDK P40US Stand Fan can help you remain cool all day long.

Due of its simplicity, the KDK P40US Stand Fan is recognized as one of the best standing fans in Singapore in 2021.

3. Honeywell Tower Fan

Honeywell Tower Fan - Standing Fan Singapore
Honeywell Tower Fan – Standing Fan Singapore
Key FeaturesIntegrated remote control with built-in flashlight
3 speeds to choose from
Ionizer freshens and cleans the air 
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This fan is perfect for homeowners because of how easy it is to use and install. It has a flexible height adjustment, a handle for easy carrying, a remote control, and no tools are needed during assembly, guaranteeing the shortest way to set up your new fan with its programmed thermostat.

In the summer, the strong standing fan will keep you cool. It has three settings and an integrated remote control with a flashlight. The vibration will circulate the air while also cleaning and purifying it.

The ionizer creates a higher-quality environment while also refreshing and cleaning the air. Ionizers work by producing positive ions that interact with negative ions (dirt, allergies) to make them heavier and fall to the ground. There are many different breeze settings to choose from. As a result, you breathe in less allergens.

4. PowerPac Standing Fan PPFS616

PowerPac Standing Fan - Standing Fan Singapore
PowerPac Standing Fan – Standing Fan Singapore
Key FeaturesWith built-in thermal protection against overheating
Adjustable louvre for maximum wind flow
Adjustable height
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For greater winds, the PowerPac Standing Fan PPFS616 disperses focused air. The air circulates in one direction, which speeds up the cooling process. The fan’s aluminum blades help to boost airflow, making it a particularly potent one in Singapore. To concentrate indirect cooling air, utilize the PowerPac Standing Fan PPFS616.

5. EuropAce ESF 168S Standing Fan

EuropAce ESF - Standing Fan Singapore
EuropAce ESF – Standing Fan Singapore
Key FeaturesMulti-oscillation – 70°swing angle plus 35°tilting angle
Up to 7m airflow range
Cools quietly
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Price$89 to $129

Look no further if you’re looking for a tiny EuropAce ESF 168S Standing Fan in Singapore. The compact design of the EuropAce ESF 168S Standing Fan is essential. Its slim design allows it to occupy the smallest amount of space while yet providing a powerful airflow that improves the usage of the area.

The five fan blades provide a powerful airflow that effectively cools the space. The EuropAce ESF 168S Standing Fan is referred to as a slender fan since it creates graceful winds.

6. Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

Dyson Am07 - Standing Fan Singapore
Dyson Am07 – Standing Fan Singapore
Key Features60% quieter than most stand fans
Energy-saving – consumes 10% less lower
Sleep Timer
Remote control with 10 exact airflow settings
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In addition to being kid-safe, the Dyson AM07 Tower Fan produces pure wind so the whole family may enjoy it. Strong airflow is produced for effective cooling by its Air Multiplier Technology. The fan has no blades, and it operates quietly. To boost the airflow in your space, turn on the Dyson AM07 Tower Fan.

In Singapore, this is still the best fan if you have the money, and Dyson is still a well-known brand.

7. Tefal Turbo Silence Extreme Remote Stand Fan VF5670

Tefal Turbo Silence - Standing Fan Singapore
Tefal Turbo Silence – Standing Fan Singapore
Key FeaturesWith horizontal oscillation
Remote Control
Night Position design
Stands at 16-inch
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This can be the standing fan for Singaporeans searching for one with a remote control.

At 35 decibels of noise, the Tefal Turbo Silence Extreme Remote Stand Fan VF5670 produces a relaxing breeze. With its strong wind, you can rest thanks to the chilly air. Additionally, the fan may be managed via a remote control, enabling users to unwind and take in the air. The quietest fan in its category is the Tefal Turbo Silence Extreme Remote Stand Fan VF5670, which has a maximum noise level of 55 decibels.

For those who wish to stay cool while also needing the quietest fan in Singapore, this is the perfect fan.

8. Blueair Blue Pure Fan

Blueair Blue Pure Fan - Standing Fan Singapore
Blueair Blue Pure Fan – Standing Fan Singapore
Key FeaturesBest 2-in-1 fan with air purification for allergy relief and those with trouble sleeping
Highest pollen removal rate amongst all fans in the market
Patented air circulation technology for effective cooling
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When it comes to top-tier air purifying performance, Blueair is our preferred brand. A compact yet potent Blueair gadget with fan technology for the best cool and clean air circulation, Blue Pure Fan is in a league of its own. The best pollen removal efficiency of any fan on the market can be found in this one, which was designed exclusively for quick allergy relief.

In a room measuring 1,008 square feet, the Blue Pure Fan uses a special arrangement of pre-filters and primary filters to eliminate 99 percent of pollen in 20 minutes. This fan can remove airborne particles including dust and pet dander, the two most common allergens, and has an astounding 180 cubic feet per minute pollen removal rate, which gives allergy sufferers quick pollen relief.

9. Xiaomi Mija Smart Bladeless Fan

Xiaomi Mija - Standing Fan Singapore
Xiaomi Mija – Standing Fan Singapore
Key FeaturesLightweight, more affordable option to Dyson
Adjustable 11-level wind speed 
Infrared remote controller, buttons, and app to control it 
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A more affordable option to the Dyson standing fan is the Xiaomi bladeless model. Small children can use it safely thanks to the bladeless design, and any home would look great with its sleek, contemporary style.

Different wind speeds are possible with the highly adaptable 9-level wind speed controller, which also makes use of turbocharged air and a DC Frequency Motor to create winds that are more efficient and consistent. With a weight of only 2.4kg, it is easy to move around the house and takes up minimal space. The timing mode that enables automatic shutoffs also saves electricity.

With the help of the remote control or the Mi Home app on your smartphone, the wind speeds are easily adjustable and manageable. The ABS housing of this Xiaomi standing fan is sturdy and resistant to scratches. Additionally, cleaning is made simple by the detachable fan.

Standing Fan Singapore

The ideal cooling solution for people who work in an office or at home is a standing fan. Standing fans Singapore are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and price ranges, making it simpler than ever to select one that will fit comfortably in whatever room you desire. This post has selected the top 9 options for standing fans with remote controls based on price, airflow quality, noise level, kid safety features, personal taste for design, and more! Enjoy your shopping!

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