9 Best Microwave Ovens in Singapore [2024]

Microwave Oven Singapore

Best Microwave Oven Singapore

A kitchen would not be complete without a microwave oven. They save you money on gas and electricity while cooking meals more quickly than conventional ovens. But it can be challenging to identify the best solution for you with so many choices on the market right now. Because of this, we’ve put together a list of the best microwaves, one for every purpose!

But before that, here are some consideration factors that you should keep in mind in choosing Microwave Ovens in Singapore.

Consideration factors when choosing Microwave Oven Singapore

  • Size: It is important as it needs to fit within the allocated space. Additionally, different types of microwave ovens also have varying capacities for food items. For instance, solo microwaves have smaller capacities than convection microwaves and combination microwave ovens.
  • The wattage of the oven: It is also an important factor to consider as it determines how quickly food can be cooked or reheated. Generally speaking, higher wattage microwaves will cook food faster and more evenly than lower-wattage ovens.
  • The features offered: It is another critical consideration – some microwaves may come with convection and grill modes, while some may have steam options. Furthermore, additional features such as a timer and a child safety lock are important for user convenience and safety. Number of power levels, pre-set menus and an autocook function all add to the overall usability of the microwave oven.

Given these factors, you should choose a microwave oven that best suits your needs and budget. Here are the Best Microwave Ovens in Singapore!

Best Microwave Oven Singapore

1. EuropAce Microwave Oven

EuropAce Microwave Oven - Microwave Oven Singapore
EuropAce Microwave Oven – Microwave Oven Singapore
Key FeaturesCompetitively priced
Discounted price
Durable build
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We advise the EuropAce Microwave Oven as a possible choice for people on a tight budget to lessen the impact on your wallets. On Shopee, you can purchase it for around half of what it initially cost ($129).

Even though it lacks other microwave ovens’ sophistication, it performs as well as or better than more expensive versions. Some customers claim that the EuropAce Microwave Oven is built solidly and doesn’t seem to break easily. It contains simple control buttons, a 35-minute timer, a defrost option, a pull-open door, many power settings, a diameter turntable, and different power levels. You won’t have to battle with it because it doesn’t have any difficult controls.

The EuropAce Microwave Oven’s high power, which is unusual in this price range, offers an additional advantage. It offers a total wattage of 1050, making cooking and reheating more efficient.

2. Xiaomi Retro Microwave Oven

Xiaomi Retro - Microwave Oven Singapore
Xiaomi Retro – Microwave Oven Singapore
Key FeaturesAesthetically Pleasing
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For those who care more about aesthetics, the Xiaomi Ocooker gives your kitchen a lovely, retro feel.

Despite having a lower wattage than the other models on this list, most customers said that this cute oven’s 700W was sufficient for evenly heating modest amounts of food. The power indicator is written in Chinese, but the hour and minute hands are designated in Roman numbers. You simply need to keep in mind that low heat is on the left and high heat is on the right, so don’t worry.

3. Sharp Microwave Oven

Sharp Microwave Oven - Microwave Oven Singapore
Sharp Microwave Oven – Microwave Oven Singapore
Key FeaturesSpacious
Easy and Convenient to use
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With a 33L capacity and a turntable that is 320MM in diameter, this enormous microwave has the capacity to simultaneously cook two large turkeys. The Sharp R-369T not only helps in cooking a delectable Christmas meal for the family, but it also has a child lock to protect the little ones safe.

4. Cornell Microwave Oven

Cornell Microwave - Microwave Oven Singapore
Cornell Microwave – Microwave Oven Singapore
Key FeaturesVariety of Features
Simple and easy to use
High Customer rating by customers
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Some people only desire simplicity, even if the majority of the finest microwave ovens in Singapore have a variety of functions. This dependable Cornell Microwave Oven will perform when it comes to simplicity and dependability.

This product, which has a 4.9-star rating on Shopee, is well-liked for its durability, usability, and simplicity. For an affordable price, it has a respectable capacity that is ideal for small families.

5. LG Solo Neochef Smart Inverter Microwave Oven

LG Solo Neochef Smart Inverter - Microwave Oven Singapore
LG Solo Neochef Smart Inverter – Microwave Oven Singapore
Key FeaturesCompact size
Perfect for small kitchens
Anti-bacterial interior
1200 wattage
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Given our prior interactions with LG, we couldn’t help but mention one of their goods after trying it ourselves. The Smart Inverter Technology used by LG is renowned for accelerating the reheating and defrosting of a variety of foods.

Thanks to its Smart Inverter Technology, the LG Solo Neochef Microwave Oven can reheat and thaw any meal in just 3 minutes. Its exact heating power ensures even heating and defrosting. One of the most potent microwave ovens on the market, the LG Solo Neochef boasts a heating capability of 1200 watts. Milk and popcorn can be prepared in less than 45 seconds and under 2 minutes, respectively.

The LG Solo Neochef Microwave Oven has a larger interior capacity than earlier models while being smaller and more compact in size. Its diminutive size makes it the perfect choice for people with small kitchen spaces.

The LG Solo Neochef Microwave Oven has a robust ring, an LED illumination, and an antibacterial interior.

6. Toshiba 4-IN-1 Microwave Oven

Toshiba 4 In 1 - Microwave Oven Singapore
Toshiba 4 In 1 – Microwave Oven Singapore
Key FeaturesMultifunctional
26 liters of interior capacity
Inverter Tech 4.0
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The Toshiba 4-IN-1 Microwave Oven is a viable option if you’re ready to pay a little extra on a microwave that can do more than just heat food. It is equipped with every feature that an oven, griller, air fryer, and convection cook have.

We can’t really recommend it to everyone because it is one of the more expensive solutions on our list and costs about $400. However, purchasing this appliance will be worthwhile if you don’t already own any of the ones we’ve previously listed.

The Toshiba 4-IN-1 Microwave Oven dismantles a microwave’s limits as a kitchen appliance. The cooking and defrosting durations for many meals are cut in half thanks to the Inverter Tech 4.0 it contains.

The Toshiba 4-IN-1 Microwave Oven allows you to cook fried dishes without using a lot of oil, in addition to reheating food. Everything from nuggets to calamari to spring rolls and french fries is cooked using hot air circulation inside the oven and on the grill.

7. EF Microwave Oven with Grill EFMO 8925 M

EF Microwave Oven - Microwave Oven Singapore
EF Microwave Oven – Microwave Oven Singapore
Key FeaturesInverter Tech 4.0
Cuts cooking time in half
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An fantastic addition to modern kitchens is the EFMO 8925 M. It can be used for many things, including as cooking different kinds of meals and warming leftovers.

This sleek, black microwave oven is loaded with functions. Along with regular microwaves, it also offers a microwave grill, full grill, and a defrost option.

Additionally, you have a lot more accuracy and control over your food thanks to the five different microwave power levels. Finally, even for people without any culinary knowledge, making meals is made simpler by its 8 auto cooking recipes.

8. Panasonic NN-GD37HBYPQ

Panasonic GN - Microwave Oven Singapore
Panasonic GN – Microwave Oven Singapore
Key FeaturesDual-cooking
Grilling function
Eco-friendly lamp
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Many consumers agree that the Panasonic NN-GD37HBYPQ is one of Singapore’s most durable microwave ovens if you’re looking for one that will last a long time.

The Panasonic NN-GD37HBYPQ sports a stainless steel appearance and unmatched heating power. It boasts an inverter technology that enables its twin-cooking feature, which simultaneously heats and grills food for quicker, more consistent cooking.

One of our favorite features of the Panasonic NN-GD37HBYPQ is the fast 30. Shortcut keys are present, which is advantageous since it saves time. Customers may reheat food for 30 seconds with the 1000 W Quick 30 without changing any settings. Last but not least, it has a bright, environmentally friendly light that will let you see what’s happening on inside more clearly.

9. Samsung Microwave Oven

Samsung Microwave Oven - Microwave Oven Singapore
Samsung Microwave Oven – Microwave Oven Singapore
Key FeaturesQuick defrost function
ECO mode
Easy to clean
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We believe Samsung offers one of the best microwave ovens in Singapore because it is one of the most well-known brands in home appliances. We think the Samsung Microwave Oven is the greatest microwave oven on the market and it is a necessity for any home in Singapore.

Another feature is its fast-defrost mode, which defrosts food more quickly and uniformly than other models. In less than three minutes, it may defrost meat, fish, veggies, bread, and poultry.

Users of the Samsung microwave oven can cook food accurately and uniformly without overcooking it. You can concentrate on other things while your dish cooks in the oven because you don’t need to watch it closely.

It is one of the best microwave ovens in Singapore because to its ceramic interior and stainless steel exterior. Its ceramic surface makes cleaning the inside quicker and less laborious.

Microwave Oven Singapore

In conclusion, locating the top microwave oven in Singapore can be difficult. The size and wattage are just a couple of the many considerations while selecting one. But even after doing your study, if you still can’t decide which microwave oven to buy, we suggest trying one of these best options from our list since we won’t let you down!

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