18 Best Disposal Service Singapore Has to Offer [2024]

Disposal Service Singapore

Best Disposal Service Singapore

Choosing the best disposal service in Singapore may be challenging because there are so many options available.

The best disposal services in Singapore include Earth Recycling Services, Ace Disposal Services, Vimbox Movers, MK Mover, and Tidy.

When choosing a waste disposal service in Singapore, consider factors such as reliability, affordability, and customer feedback.

In Singapore, disposal services offer a range of solutions, including general waste disposal, bulky item disposal, and e-waste recycling.

Look below to discover the company that best meets your needs.

Quick Summary

  • Best disposal services in Singapore include Earth Recycling Services, Ace Disposal Services, Vimbox Movers, MK Mover, and Tidy.
  • When selecting a disposal service in Singapore, take into account factors like dependability, cost-effectiveness, and feedback from customers.
  • Disposal services in Singapore provide a variety of services, such as general waste disposal, disposal of bulky items, and recycling of e-waste.

Consideration factors when choosing Disposal Service Singapore

  • Type of waste that needs to be disposed of: Depending on the type of waste, certain disposal services may be better suited than others. For example, hazardous materials such as medical or industrial waste should always be handled by a professional disposal service.
  • Cost of disposal services: Costs can vary greatly depending on the type and amount of waste disposed of, as well as the level of service provided. Therefore, it is essential to find a reputable provider that offers competitive prices and quality services. Additionally, be sure to inquire about the safety and environmental protection measures taken by the disposal service.
  • Speed and reliability of the service provider: When choosing a Disposal Service in Singapore. Some services may require you to wait for a long time before your waste is collected, while others can offer same-day collection and disposal. Also, be sure to inquire about the methods and protocols in place to ensure that your waste is safely and properly disposed of.

Taking the time to consider these factors can help you find a disposal service in Singapore that meets your needs and budget. With the right service provider, you can be sure that your waste is disposed of safely and responsibly. Here are the Best Disposal Services in Singapore!

Best Disposal Service Singapore

1. Earth Recycling Services

Earth Recycling Services - Disposal Service Singapore
Earth Recycling Services – Disposal Service Singapore
Key ServicesSingapore Disposal Services of General Waste and Bulky Items
Address10 Kaki Bukit Road 2 #01-39 First East Centre Singapore 417868
Operating Hours9am-9pm daily

For residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout Singapore, Earth Recycling Services offers bulky item disposal services as well as general waste disposal services. They are open 24/7 on WhatsApp and conduct daily business. They hand sort collected things at their facilities in an effort to lessen the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfills. The majority of the products will be broken down and separated into recyclables and non-recyclables. Donations to charities are permitted for items in usable condition. Last but not least, they are frequently recognized for their responsiveness, professionalism, and efficiency.

Key Differentiators

  • Recycles whatever you can (via dismantling)
  • Free quote, no commitment, and no additional fees
  • Excellent chat response and quick movers.

Client Testimonial

Best service for bulk item disposal. Prompt response from company via whatsapp. Fast to fix schedule date and time. The contractor staff came punctual with call prior to schedule. They know what supposed to be done. No fuss. Got invoice and smooth payment after job complete. Highly recommended!

2. Ace Disposal Services

 Ace Disposal Services   -  Disposal Service Singapore
Ace Disposal Services – Disposal Service Singapore
Key Services Disposal Service Singapore
Website https://sgacedisposal.wordpress.com/
Address 15 Yishun Industrial Street 1(S)768091
Phone 8753 5258

My previous clients highly recommended Ace Disposal Services because of their exceptionally low prices, rapid service, and efficient staff. Ace Disposal Services also readily accepted last-minute reservations. For residential, commercial, and industrial clients, they offer affordable waste collection services that are easy to set up, swift, amiable, competent, and punctual. Services for disposal range from residential to industrial to business and commercial.

Key Differentiators

  1. Cheap rates
  2. Hassle-free disposal services

Client Testimonial

A pleasant experience dealing with Ace disposal. Efficient and reliable, I needed urgent disposal even thou their schedule are full they manage to meet my demand to arrange same day disposal service. Excellent customer service. Will recommend them to anyone. Thank you.

3. Vimbox Movers

 Vimbox Movers   -  Disposal Service Singapore
Vimbox Movers – Disposal Service Singapore
Key Services Disposal Service Singapore
Website https://vimboxmovers.sg/
Address 10 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #03-08, Singapore 416175, KB Industrial Building
Phone+65 6339 4439

In contrast to other garbage removal companies, Vimbox Movers offers certifications for the destruction, recycling, and pulping of your items and papers. Because they maintain great confidentiality of sensitive documents, business owners prefer their administration over that of other service providers. Along with professional disposal services that are customized to your needs, they also provide skid tanks, transportation of all of your unwanted items to a permitted garbage site, and skid tanks. With their customized services and knowledgeable specialists, you’ll undoubtedly receive the best waste removal service in Singapore.

Key Differentiators

  1. Consultants and one-site specialists
  2. Free quote

Client Testimonial

Boxes: Really liked how they allow you to rent boxes and return them once it’s over, but they also allow flexibility should you already have your own. They also send you tape and bubble wrap as well.

Movers: Arrived on time and were very quick, efficient and careful with all my belongings. Managed to move my piano, computer table, screen and other pieces of small furniture with ease and no scratches.

Communication: Very patient in dealing with all my questions about packing and labelling and handling fragile equipment.

4. MK Mover

 MK Mover   -  Disposal Service Singapore
MK Mover – Disposal Service Singapore
Key Services Disposal Service Singapore
Website http://mk-mover.com/
Address Defu Lane 10, Blk 30, Singap
Phone 9357 7333
Operating Hours Open 24 hours

Making the most of your possessions, Mk Mover will help you get rid of everything, from big items like furniture to small ones like trash and garbage. When you engage with a team of highly skilled specialists that guarantee that every garbage removal is done correctly, you can feel confident that each waste collection is both safe and quick.

Key Differentiators

  1. Highly trained professionals
  2. Timely service

Client Testimonial

Professional quality value! Punctual and efficient with their service. Despite last minute arrangements and unexpected short comings, they manage to resolve the issue and deliver on time. Definitely one of the best mover I’ve encountered.

5. Tidy

 Tidy   -  Disposal Service Singapore
Tidy – Disposal Service Singapore
Key Services Renovation Waste Disposal, Disposal Service Singapore
Website https://tidy.com.sg/
Address 29, Tuas Ave 8, Singapore 639244
Phone +65 9616 6105 / +65 9234 4800
Operating Hours Monday – Saturday 7:30 am – 7:30 pm, Sunday & Public holidays 7:30 am – 4:30pm

Whether it’s for an organization’s recovery efforts or home renovation, Tidy provides a wide choice of facilities and services to safely dispose all garbage. Tidy disposes of both recyclable and inorganic waste. Additionally, they may help you dispose of large, bulky goods like furniture and large appliances as you relocate. They offer a variety of services, including the recycling of e-waste, total rubbish removal, and the disposal of confidential products.

Key Differentiators

  1. 24-hour service
  2. Recycling service
  3. Furniture, electrical, and household waste disposal

6. KGS

 KGS   -  Disposal Service Singapore
KGS – Disposal Service Singapore
Key Services E-Waste Disposal, Disposal Service Singapore
Website https://kgs.com.sg/
Address 110 Tuas South Ave 3, #02-03, Singapore 637369
Phone +65-6250 2096
Operating Hours Weekdays 9:00 am –5:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am –1:00 pm

KGS provides secure and ecologically friendly data deletion services. E-waste disposal, data/equipment eradication, and secure document shredding/disposal are just a few of the services they offer. They also offer large-scale garbage collection services, which is very useful if you have a lot of rubbish. If you wish to employ an e-waste removal company, just give KGS a call.

Key Differentiators

  1. Certified disposal company
  2. Secure data destruction

Client Testimonial

Engaged KGS for the secure destruction of documents and their rates are fair. Sandy and Max assisted me swiftly in my queries and the process was fuss-free. Drop off was done by my driver, destruction was done, and I received the certificate and invoice the next day. Highly recommend.

7. Move Move Movers

Move Move Movers - Disposal Service Singapore
Move Move Movers – Disposal Service Singapore
Key ServicesResidential Moving Services, Commercial Moving Services, Furniture Delivery & Moving Services, Special Items Moving Services, Storage, Last Mile Delivery
Address05-35 3 Soon Lee Street, Singapore 627606 (Office)
Ecotech@Sunview #03-11 (Warehouse)
Phone6909 3840 / 8332 5196
Operating hours8am to 11pm, Mondays to Sundays (Including PHs)

In addition to offering first-rate moving services, Move Move Movers is a business that specializes in offering premium furniture recycling and disposal services. They are aware that occasionally you might wish to get rid of any old or broken furniture but are unsure on how to do it. Move Move Movers can help with this.

They can assist you in properly and sustainably getting rid of your old furniture. They also provide the most affordable prices for their furniture disposal services. Simply start the decluttering process, and when you’re finished, call Move Move Movers to have them come and pick up your unwanted goods. They attempt to finish each disposal assignment as quickly as they can, keeping your convenience in mind.

So get in touch with Move Move Movers right now if you’re seeking for a quick, inexpensive, and simple way to get rid of your old furniture. No work is too big or small for them to handle because they service both commercial and residential locations. Additionally, you can relax knowing that your old furniture will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way!

Key Differentiators

  1. Responsibly and sustainably disposes of furniture
  2. Affordable prices and superior customer support
  3. Capable of handling disposal services for both business and residential premises

Client Testimonial

I have engaged Move Move Movers twice, to move my items as well as to dispose of old furniture.

The moving teams are always courteous and professional. The customer service on WhatsApp is responsive and will come back quickly with available time slots and a price quotation.

Lynn Chan (Google Review)

8. Greenery Recycle Trading

 Greenery Recycle Trading -  Disposal Service Singapore
Greenery Recycle Trading – Disposal Service Singapore
Key ServicesDisposal of home / office equipments. Furniture disposal, Residential Disposal, Commercial Disposal, Electronics Disposal and other Disposal Services Singapore
Address10 Kaki Bukit Road 2 #01-38 First East Centre Singapore 417868
Phone9221 9979

Greenery Recycle Trading, which was established in 2011, concentrates on assisting its customers with RRR clutter disposal.

This business offers bin rentals, moving security, and disposal services, among other things. By extracting the materials from your junk and recycling them or giving it to the less fortunate, they improve the ecology by recycling and upcycling it rather than just throwing it away.

They currently serve a large number of pleased businesses and homeowners.

Key Differentiators

  1. They are experts who can do a task quickly and effectively and have more than ten years of experience in the field.
  2. They treat their clients well, much like other SMEs, thus they have a few loyal patrons.
  3. They are proficient at providing quotes, and their cost is reasonable compared to others on the market.

Client Testimonial

As the Tiger roars in the Lunar New Year, we would like to commemorate WeLL Centre’s achievements in 2021 (despite Covid-19 restrictions)

In just the last 12 months alone, WeLL Centre volunteers in partnership with Mr Edwin Peh, proprietor of a Recycle Company, delivered various household furnitures, home appliances, kitchen wares, mobility aids & bicycles, all near-pristine condition to our rental flat residents.

In all, our lower-income families received:- 35 washing machines- 40 refridgerators – 45 TV sets- 50 sofa sets- 50 beds/mattress – 300 cupboards, shelves, dining/study tables/chairs, mobility aids,”- 500 miscellaneous items including juicers, clothes, irons, fans , microwave ovens, lamps, kettles…- 100 bicycles!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Edwin Peh, many Kind donors & WeLL Volunteers! Now, many rental flat families can enjoy better furnishings & greater comfort at home for 2022! 恭喜发财 身体健康 Wishing each & everyone Good Health & Happiness in this Lunar New Year!

Well & Care In Henderson-Dawson

9. Junk To Clear

  Junk To Clear   -  Disposal Service Singapore
 Junk To Clear – Disposal Service Singapore
Key ServicesFurniture Disposal Assistance, Urgent Disposal Needs, Disposal Service Singapore
Website https://junktoclear.com.sg/
Address 8 Kaki Bukit Rd 2, 01-14, Singapore 417841
Phone 67492306
Operating Hours Weekdays 9:00 am–5:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am–1:00 pm

Junk to Clear provides waste collection for both homes and businesses. For last-minute organization or cleaning of your home, they offer priority same-day service in addition to full-service rubbish collection. Residential appliances, termite-infested furniture, wood debris, and other objects are disposed of by them. They also offer trash collection for homes and businesses, office document destruction, and construction debris disposal for new or renovated buildings. Whether it’s business or residential trash, they have the best waste removal services in Singapore to meet your demands.

Key Differentiators

  1. Services for secure destruction
  2. Free online photo quote
  3. Commercial garbage removal services

Client Testimonial

High review here was right – their response to my query was super quick (within a couple of hours on Sunday night!) and the amount was quite reasonable, and they arrived on time and had done their job in a professional and friendly manner. Highly recommended Junk To Clear for those who have a need, and I will definitely recommend to my friends/colleagues. So amazed by their service.

10. Soon Seng Transport & Movers Pte Ltd

 Soon Seng Transport & Movers Pte Ltd   -  Disposal Service Singapore
Soon Seng Transport & Movers Pte Ltd – Disposal Service Singapore
Key Services Disposal Service Singapore
Website https://soonsengtransport.com.sg/
Address 29 Hillview Ter, #06-02 Hillview Warehouse, Singapore 669245
Phone 6339 0039/ 6566 8212
Operating Hours Monday – Saturday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

The moving and storage company Soon Seng Transport & Movers Pte Ltd has more than 30 years of experience. Additionally, they offer disposal services and transportation for large, awkward loads. All of these services are done by a crew of packers and movers before being placed into cargo containers. They are dependable and effective, satisfying your needs. Before placing your things on the truck, they bundle them properly. From there, they will be disposed of at a specialized garbage facility.

Key Differentiators

  1. Quick quotation
  2. Competitive pricing

Client Testimonial

This is my second time using the services of Soon Seng Transport and Movers. I was impressed when they helped me with house moving. They take care of my items while moving, and yet still work fast. I can tell they are very experienced from their efficient and fast moving process. When I wanted to move office this time, Soon Seng immediately came to mind again and the move process was very fast, seamless, easy and my items again well taken care of. Thank you Soon Seng boss and staff!!

11. Exped Moving Services

Exped Moving Services   -  Disposal Service Singapore
Exped Moving Services – Disposal Service Singapore
Key Services Disposal Service Singapore
Website https://www.expedmovingservices.sg/
Address 2 Jalan Rajah, Golden Wall Flatted Factory, #07-18 Singapore 329134
Phone 9627 1021
Operating Hours Weekdays 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

A full-service moving and storage company, Exped Moving Services focuses on packing, disassembling, transporting, removing trash, and storing items for both commercial and residential uses. Exped Moving Services is prompt, courteous, professional, and offers affordable waste removal services.

Key Differentiators

  1. Timely service
  2. Secure destruction services

Client Testimonial

Gave a reasonable quotation and clear explanation of moving process during site visits. It was a very fast and efficient moving process from the movers till I was impressed. Good team work and synergy that made the moving fun and relaxing. Wrapping was fast and dismantled of TV and bed was quick and safe. They also helped took some small items that was not included in the list. I was also surprised that Exped knew where to park as my place was very crowded during lunch hours. Good customer service and follow up. Fuss free and flexible after sales service. There was no pressure to rush you to return the empty cartons until I paiseh! Overall, highly recommended as the entire end to end moving process was enjoyable!

12. Da Engineering

 Da Engineering   -  Disposal Service Singapore
Da Engineering – Disposal Service Singapore
Key Services Disposal Service Singapore
Website dae.sg
Address No.1 Kranji Crescent Singapore 728663
Phone (65) 9758 9118
Operating Hours Daily 8:00 am–8:00 pm

DA Engineering provides a range of waste management services for both domestic and business need. This comprises rubbish disposal services from a reputable company with qualified personnel. They offer a variety of vehicles to remove any significant rubbish. Their affordable skip hire service, which satisfies all of your disposal management needs, is one of their main points of emphasis.

Key Differentiators

  1. Self-disposal plans
  2. Rubbish disposal services
  3. Fast collection time

Client Testimonial

Mr. Lee was very responsive and approachable. The services provided were prompt and efficient and the team has ‘ can do’ attitude, very important in the service industry. Absolute value for money. Would definitely recommend.

13. Cleanway Disposal Services

 Cleanway Disposal Services   -  Disposal Service Singapore
Cleanway Disposal Services – Disposal Service Singapore
Key ServicesSafe Recycling procedure, Disposal Service Singapore
Website https://www.cleanway.com.sg/
Address 40 Penjuru Rd Singapore, 609145 Singapore
Phone +65 6264 4411
Operating Hours Daily 8:00 am–5:00 pm

Cleanway Disposal Services has been an expert in offering customers personalized, high-quality services. With the help of their skilled and knowledgeable personnel, they can offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial establishments. They have large trucks that can transport any kind of hefty, awkward rubbish. Therefore, if you have a lot of old and damaged furniture, broken devices, unnecessary paperwork, and other trash to get rid of, they provide the best garbage removal service in Singapore for you!

Key Differentiators

  1. Free quotation
  2. Garbage dump pick-up and hauling service

14. The Trio Movers

 The Trio Movers   -  Disposal Service Singapore
The Trio Movers – Disposal Service Singapore
Key Services Full-Service Waste Removal, Furniture Disposal, Big Item Disposal
Website https://thetriomovers.com.sg/
Address 31 Woodlands Close #02-10, Woodlands Horizon, 737855
Phone 8321 5709
Operating Hours Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Three brothers with a total experience of more than 10 years created The Trio Movers, a moving firm with offices in Singapore. They give outstanding customer service, extend top furniture disposal services around Singapore, and offer to recycle your old furniture for you. You may be sure that because The Trio Movers are reliable, honest, responsible, and on time, your belongings will be disposed of effectively and with care.

Key Differentiators

  1. Certified disposal company
  2. Fast collection time

Client Testimonial

Had engaged their moving and packing services on 11-Nov for my house.

Had been very satisfied with very start of my engagement with Mag and followup by Keith coming down and solved all my queries.

The team that came down for the packing and moving services were marvellous.

Would strongly recommend their service and will engaged them again. Thanks

15. Greenway Environmental

 Greenway Environmental -  Disposal Service Singapore
Greenway Environmental – Disposal Service Singapore
Key ServicesConduct themselves with modesty, honesty, and environmental
Address6 Tuas South Street 8, Singapore 637003
Phone68620065, 91861627
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday
8:00 AM-5:00 PM

First and foremost, the seasoned management team at Greenway takes pride in what they do. They also behave with humility, honesty, and environmental responsibility in whatever they do.

Many rural residents of developing countries seek to create new waste management techniques and better their communities. However, many people in rural parts of developing nations are driven more by a sense of duty than by idealism or a desire for adventure.

Key Differentiators

  1. Also cutting bulky waste 
  2. Product destruction

Client Testimonial

Recycling wood concrete plastics metal your trusted responsible sustainability partner need a bin to remove all extra furniture or items just bin it an they will separate all of it. Highly recommended not pricey at all

16. Eco Exchange

 Eco Exchange -  Disposal Service Singapore
Eco Exchange – Disposal Service Singapore
Key ServicesHelps to recycle the items that surround us
Address9 Fan Yoong Road
Singapore 629787
Phone+65 9488 3995
Operating HoursMonday – Friday
8:00 AM–5:00 PM

With the intention of doing more to safeguard the environment, Eco Exchange was founded. The demand for raw resources has been rising as a result of rapid urbanization and extensive use.

Environmental harm and climate change are also caused by the extraction of necessary raw resources.

Whether it’s through material recycling or aiding in waste reduction, Eco Exchange also believes in doing its part to protect the environment. As a result, they are in favor of initiatives to recycle the products that surround us. Because of this, Eco Exchange also supports initiatives to cut down on trash.

Key Differentiators

  1. Data destruction
  2. Disposal

Client Testimonial

My company was shifting and upgrading our IT infrastructure. Thus, we needed to get rid of the old Server Rack, UPS, Servers and Desktops. Eco Exchange was just a call away. Their professional team took everything and without damaging any of our fixtures. I’m glad that it’s going to be recycled.

17. Teo Bak Soah Trading Co.

 Teo Bak Soah Trading Co. -  Disposal Service Singapore
Teo Bak Soah Trading Co. – Disposal Service Singapore
Key ServicesProvides trash container manufacturing and maintenance services, as well as the leasing of related equipment
AddressBlock 2028 Bukit Batok Street 23 #01-288 Singapore 659533
Phone+65 6266 5309
Operating HoursMonday – Sunday
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

In 1977, Teo Bak Soah Trading Co. was established. Through innovation and progress, the company has since grown and changed to become a renowned waste management organization.

The National Environment Agency has granted the company and its subcontractors General Trash Collector Licenses (Singapore). giving the business the ability to manage both organic and inorganic trash.

Key Differentiators

  1. Experience of 43 years
  2. Ecologically sound services

Client Testimonial

Efficient and great door to door service for the collection and recycling of my wooden crate and 1.5m tall safe.

18. Mover Compared

 Mover Compared -  Disposal Service Singapore
Mover Compared – Disposal Service Singapore
Key ServicesDisposal Service Singapore
Operating HoursOpen 24 hours

With over 15 years of experience, Mover Compared is one of the most well-known comparison websites for rubbish removal companies. Research is made easy because to Mover Compared’s comprehensive database of Singaporean disposal companies. On simple-to-navigate websites, customers may get the best disposal services at the best prices and can even find businesses that offer the lowest price tags based on their needs.

Key Differentiators

  1. Quick quotation
  2. Large company catalogue

Disposal Service Singapore

Services for disposal are a crucial component of any company’s sustainability strategy. This service has a good influence on the environment, urban infrastructure, and the economy as well as being an efficient solution for businesses to minimize their carbon footprint. Recycling or disposing of materials that cannot be utilized in another way constitutes the disposal process. Finding a reliable business with experience managing this kind of operation is crucial if you want to avoid recklessly throwing your trash into landfills.

By lowering consumption and eliminating chemical contamination, the disposal of these services will aid in the preservation of natural resources such as the soil, air, water, minerals, and energy sources. Call one or two of the companies in our listings right away if you need help locating high-quality disposal service providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about disposal services in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Disposal Services in Singapore below:

What are the best disposal services in Singapore?

The best disposal services in Singapore include Earth Recycling Services, Ace Disposal Services, Vimbox Movers, MK Mover, and Tidy.

What type of residential waste do the best disposal services in Singapore handle?

The best disposal services in Singapore handle a comprehensive range of residential waste, including unwanted furniture, food waste, and general household waste. Their services are designed to cater to both commercial and residential purposes.

Do these companies offer food waste disposal?

Yes, food waste disposal is a common service provided by top-notch disposal companies in Singapore. They employ eco-friendly methods to dispose of and recycle food waste, contributing to a greener environment.

Are their services available for both commercial and residential purposes?

Absolutely! The best disposal services in Singapore cater to both commercial and residential purposes. They provide tailored solutions to businesses and homeowners alike, ensuring all waste disposal needs are met efficiently.

Do they offer house moving services?

Many disposal services in Singapore also offer house moving services. This includes the removal and disposal of unwanted furniture and other household items, making the moving process much smoother and less stressful.

What does their comprehensive services include?

Comprehensive services offered by these companies include everything from regular waste collection and disposal to specialized services like food waste recycling, house moving services, and cleaning services. These comprehensive services aim to meet all waste management needs of their customers.

What do satisfied customers say about these services?

Satisfied customers often commend the good service, efficiency, and competitive rates of these disposal services. They appreciate the comprehensive range of services offered and the professional approach that these companies take towards waste management.

What kind of unwanted furniture can they dispose of?

The best disposal services in Singapore can handle a wide variety of unwanted furniture. This includes chairs, tables, wardrobes, beds, and more. They ensure all items are disposed of responsibly, often recycling or donating usable furniture.

What makes their service good?

Their good service is characterized by prompt responses, efficient waste disposal, competitive rates, and a focus on customer satisfaction. Moreover, they offer a comprehensive range of services, ensuring that all waste management needs are covered.

How competitive are their rates?

The best disposal services in Singapore offer very competitive rates. They strive to provide high-quality services at affordable prices, ensuring that both residential and commercial customers can benefit from their waste management solutions.

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