24 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore [2024]

Fine Dining Singapore

Fine Dining Singapore

Singapore is a popular destination for exquisite dining among travelers from across the world and is home to some of Asia’s greatest restaurants of this caliber. There are several options for fine dining in Singapore. However, these fine dining establishments are among the best in the area and are featured in this article. There are excellent restaurants serving food from all over the world, with an emphasis on Asian, French, and Western cuisines.

Key Consideration Factors

  • Food Quality: When choosing a nice dining establishment, food quality should come first.
  • Service: Your total dining experience will be influenced by the level of service you receive at the establishment. Find restaurants that place a strong emphasis on courteous service, effective wait staff, and attentive chefs.
  • Ambience and Atmosphere: Elegant design and ambiance are common at fine dining establishments. Look for eateries where the ambiance improves your overall dining experience.
  • Menu and Pricing: Look at the restaurant’s menu and prices. Ensure that it fits into your budget while still providing a wide selection of dishes.
  • Location and Accessibility: Take into account whether the restaurant is situated in a convenient location and is simple to get to.
  • Read reviews or ratings left by past patrons: This is to gain a better sense of the general caliber of the restaurant.

Now that you know what to look for, here are the Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore!

Best Fine Dining Singapore

1. Cut by Wolfgang Puck

Cut by Wolfgang Puck - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Cut by Wolfgang Puck)
Cut by Wolfgang Puck – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Cut by Wolfgang Puck)
Key ServicesSteak Restaurant, Fine Dining Singapore
Address2 Bayfront Avenue B1-71 Galleria Level The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands Singapore 018972
Phone+65 6688 8517
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday: 5pm to 10pm

Many steak lovers should be aware of Singapore’s Wolfgang Puck Cut, a fine dining establishment. Marina Bay Sands Singapore, where the famed steakhouse has been recognized with a Michelin Star since 2016, serves as the business’s first Asian outpost. The restaurant has an interior with a gloomy ambiance and traditional New York decor. The service at Cut by Wolfgang Puck is outstanding. It will make you think of the kind of service you would get in New York, where each person is pushed to go above and above and makes an effort to remember your name.

Key Differentiators:

  • Decked out in traditional New York décor
  • Reasonably priced
  • Exceptional service

Client Testimonial:

“I chose here for my birthday celebrations and indeed the reviews here are all true. Stunning place, delectable food and immaculate service. Very impressionable. One of the staff even had our table converted to a smaller area when it was just 3 of us instead of 4. The attentiveness makes the dinner even more enjoyable so thank you.”

Fawn Teng

2. Odette

Odette - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Odette)
Odette – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Odette)
Key ServicesFine Dining, French Cuisine
AddressNational Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrew’s Road #01-04 Singapore 178957
Phone+65 6385 0498
Operating HoursLunch: 12.00pm to 1.15pm (last seating), Dinner: 6.30pm to 8.15pm (last seating), Monday to Saturday Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays

Odette, a gourmet dining establishment at Singapore’s National Gallery, has garnered numerous awards in just six years. Unfortunately, it seemed as though spending were keeping up with achievements. The Odette restaurant, which debuted in 2015, is a magnificent combination of French cuisine and Japanese-French fusion. The cuisine at this restaurant combines the best components of the two cultures to create delectable flavor combinations that delighted your taste sensations throughout your entire meal.

Key Differentiators:

  • Finest elements of both traditions into mouthwatering flavor combinations
  • Fantastic fine dining experience
  • Delectable dishes available

Client Testimonial:

“Worth a try if you managed to get the a booking. My first top 50. Is a little pricey, but all dishes were delicious! Services was great. Can’t remember the name of the tall gentleman, the sommelier, he was lovely. The walk in the museum to the restaurant was amazing. Remember to take some photos.”


3. Zen

Zen - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Zen)
Zen – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Zen)
Key ServicesFine Dining, French Cuisine
Address41 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089855
Phone+65 6534 8880
Operating HoursDinner: Wednesday to Saturday, 7pm-10:30pm, Lunch: Friday and Saturday, 12pm-5pm

One of the most well-known French restaurants in Singapore, Zen Restaurant is a fine dining establishment that is situated in a historic area. This upscale French eatery is helmed by Chef Josselin Jeanjean, who combines many culinary styles and traditions to produce dishes that will please both the palette and the senses. Zen is a well-liked dining spot thanks to its rustic decor, lovely artwork, plush chairs, and calming music. The local cuisine has been praised as being deep, rich, unusual, and delicious! The menu at Zen changes with the seasons and regional seasonality to give customers a unique tasting experience with each meal.

Key Differentiators:

  • One of the most well-regarded French restaurants
  • Various cuisines and traditions
  • Best dining experience possible

Client Testimonial:

“Everything done to perfection is what Zen represents. From service to the interior design to the food elements hand picked from Norway, Spain, Japan… it’s a amazing experience for at least 3.5 hours that you’ll never forget. Truly exceptional. Thank you Zen, chef and all the amazingly friendly staff.”

Claire Yang

4. Akira Back

Akira Back - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Akira Back)
Akira Back – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Akira Back)
Key ServicesModern Japanese Cuisine, Fine Dining Singapore
Address30 Beach Road, Level B1M, JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach, South Tower 189763 Singapore, Singapore
Phone6818 1914
Operating HoursSunday – Thursday: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm –10pm; Friday – Saturday: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6pm – 10.30pm

In honor of the namesake famous chef’s most recent endeavor, South Beach, Singapore’s Akira Back is a modern Japanese fine dining establishment. It is one of the hotel’s several dining options. To begin with, the décor of this fine dining establishment in Singapore is anything but conventional. There is a shared dining table, a bar, and private eating areas for more solitude. If you are staying at the Marriott, getting there is simple because it is easily reached from the same lift lobby.

Key Differentiators:

  • Traditional interior
  • Various food selections
  • Excellent dining experience

Client Testimonial:

“Excellent dinner. All the food was delicious and the service was top notch. Lots of Japanese classic food as well as some creative dishes with Korean influence. Loved everything I ate. Would definitely go back again!”

Kevin M

5. Labyrinth

Labyrinth - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Labyrinth)
Labyrinth – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Labyrinth)
Key ServicesFine Dining Singapore, Modern Singaporean Cuisine
AddressEsplanade Mall, #02-23, Singapore 039802
Phone+65 6223 4098
Operating HoursTuesday to Friday: 12pm – 2.30pm, 6.30pm – 11pm, Saturday & Sunday: 6pm – 11pm

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions authentic Singaporean food isn’t fancy dining. At Labyrinth, a fine dining establishment, Chef-Owner LG Han, on the other hand, lets you experience (and taste) for yourself how beautifully and sensitively he changes well-known regional delicacies. The lighting and seating arrangements of the Labyrinth restaurant at the Esplanade Mall have been changed to better accommodate the volume of customers. At Restaurant Labyrinth, diners may savor contemporary food and traditional methods merged in paintings, as well as family antiques displayed on the walls.

Key Differentiators:

  • Popular local dishes and modern cuisine
  • Affordable
  • Exquisite fine dining experience

Client Testimonial:

“A few standout courses, but generally a good all round meal with great Southeast Asian flavors. Highlights were the pre-dinner snacks; and no shortage of food through the whole meal. Very worth a visit, especially for non Southeast Asian residents.”

Jonathan Lo

6. Les Amis

Les Amis - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Les Amis)
Les Amis – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Les Amis)
Key ServicesFine Dining, French Cuisine
Address1 Scotts Road, #01 – 16 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Phone(65) 6733 2225
Operating HoursLunch 12.00pm, Monday to Sunday, Last seating at 1.30pm, Last order at 1.45pm, Dinner 7.00pm, Monday to Sunday, Last seating at 8.30pm, Last order at 8.45pm, Closed on certain holidays.

The epitome of elegance and good dining in Singapore’s city center is the French restaurant Les Amis, which serves up a gourmet feast. The restaurant, which introduced a Japanese-influenced twist to traditional French cuisine, has had an impact on Singapore’s excellent fine dining scene since 1994. It’s no surprise that this restaurant has received excellent reviews for more than two decades given its upscale ambiance and cuisine from famous Chef Sebastien Lepinoy. The restaurant’s fame has grown significantly since it opened as a stand-alone fine-dining establishment in Singapore, as has the building itself.

Key Differentiators:

  • Exquisite fine dining scene
  • Japanese-influenced spin to classic French cuisine
  • Excellent ambiance

Client Testimonial:

“Went here last year, until now the buttery-flaky croissant, and the exquisite white truffle, still haunt me in my dreams convincing me to go back. It was that good!!! This made me fall in love with French cuisine and deserves more to be on the top list!”

JD Fadri

7. Jaan by Kirk Westaway

Jaan by Kirk Westaway - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Jaan by Kirk Westaway)
Jaan by Kirk Westaway – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Jaan by Kirk Westaway)
Key ServicesFine Dining, French Cuisine
Address2 Stamford Road Swissôtel, Level 70 The Stamford, Singapore 178882
Phone+65 6874 1488
Operating HoursLunch: 11:45am to 2:30pm (Monday to Saturday), Dinner: 6:30pm to 10:30pm (Monday to Saturday), Reservations are strongly advised

Jaan by Kirk Westaway is a fine dining establishment that specializes in French cuisine and changes with the seasons while also paying homage to Chef Kirk’s British heritage. The menu won’t undergo much alteration once Chef Kirk comes onboard. Instead, people will focus on the handmade aspect that has made Jaan so well-liked while having a refined yet distinct understanding of what made frequent visitors adore it. This 40-seat fine dining establishment has a simple, clean aesthetic and a massive Murano crystal and free-form silver chandelier over the head.

Key Differentiators:

  • French cuisine
  • Excellent fine dining restaurant
  • 40-seater with a clean and basic design

Client Testimonial:

“Very enjoyable experience overall, with great menu and extraordinary service. Been to several michelin restaurants, and while some have been quite disappointing, Jaan truly deserves two stars. Especially thankful to the staffs who were all very friendly and attentive even when I was dining by myself. Would def recommend.”

Tambin Cho

8. Shang Palace

Shang Palace - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Shang Palace)
Shang Palace – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Shang Palace)
Key ServicesCantonese Cuisine, Fine Dining Singapore
Address22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350
Phone(65) 6213 4398
Operating HoursLunch: 12pm – 2.30pm (Monday – Friday), 11am – 3pm (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays), Dinner: 6pm – 10pm (Monday – Sunday), Last order at 9.30pm

Cantonese fine dining establishment Shang Palace has been in business since 1971 and focuses on the refinement, luxury, and vigor of Chinese cuisine. Although flavors might appear like things from the past, they are actually made with modern tastes in mind. Chef Mok Kit Keung has been the restaurant’s unifying force for more than 40 years because to his expertise as a seasoned veteran. Chef Moks draws inspiration from his travels, his culinary training, and his insatiable thirst for knowledge. Chef Mok promotes upcoming chefs by sharing knowledge in the kitchen. As a result of decades of families dining at these tables, the floor is cultivated with the refinement and hospitality of Asia. Legacies are protected at Shang Palace.

Key Differentiators:

  • Cantonese fine dining restaurant
  • Exquisite ambiance
  • Excellent menu

Client Testimonial:

“A quiet place for family dinner. Tables are nicely spaced out giving you lots of privacy. Service was top notch and the food was extremely good. Can’t wait to come back again.”

Chen Mdm

9. Alma

Alma - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Alma)
Alma – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Alma)
Key ServicesFine Dining, Modern European Cuisine
AddressGoodwood Park Hotel 22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221
Phone+65 6735 9937
Operating Hours12pm – 2:30pm (Wednesday-Friday), 6pm – 10:30pm (Monday – Saturday), Closed Sunday

The Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore is where Juan Amador, a German chef who opened his own upscale eatery called Alma, has his Singaporean headquarters. Asian and Modern European cuisines combine in the Iberian-inspired Alma restaurant. Alma, which is a good distance from Singapore’s city center, is well worth the trip. Everything from traditional European flavors to more modern, imaginative cooking with touches of molecular gastronomy is featured in the food.

Key Differentiators:

  • Modern European restaurant with Asian influences inspired by Iberi
  • Contemporary inventive cooking with hints of molecular gastronomy
  • Exquisite ambiance

Client Testimonial:

“Decent 3 courses for lunch; had the kanpachi, Boston lobster pasta and brûlée. Service was okay, bread was nice. Would recommend if you’re in the area.”

Syahirah Halim

10. Cure

Cure - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Cure)
Cure – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Cure)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, French-Asian Cuisine
Address21 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089128
Phone+65 6221 2189
Operating HoursLunch: Thursday – Saturday 12.00PM – 2.00PM, Dinner: Tuesday – Saturday 6.00PM

Andrew Walsh, the chef of Cure, received his training from well-known British chefs like Jason Atherton. In a nod to Irish bacon and cabbage, the excellent finger food offered at this fine dining establishment is sourdough with whisky-brined preserved cabbage. The eating area at Cure is sombre, formal, and quiet. Glossy teal surrounds an open kitchen in the back, perfectly encapsulating the atmosphere of the establishment. For a distinctly British vibe, there is a lot of black, slate, and dark wood throughout. The restaurant manager can see the dining area from above and is prepared to help if the youthful serving team falters. Typically, the service was knowledgeable and skilled.

Key Differentiators:

  • Competent and well-informed service
  • Low-key atmosphere
  • Exquisite finger food

Client Testimonial:

“Had a great dining experience at Cure. Had the 11 course tasting menu over lunch – it was on point. Every dish was flavorful. Service was exceptional. The dishes may look petite, but they are quite filling. Probably when there’s a change of menu, i’ll be back again to try out new things.”

Bernie Chin

11. Tamarind Hill

Tamarind Hill - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Tamarind Hill)
Tamarind Hill – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Tamarind Hill)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, Thai Cuisine
Address30 Labrador Villa Rd, Singapore 119189
Phone+65 6278 6364
Operating HoursLunch: Monday to Saturday: 12 pm – 3 pm (last order 2:30 pm),
Afternoon Tea: Daily: 3 pm – 6 pm (last seating at 5 pm),
Happy Hour : Monday to Friday: 5 pm – 7 pm,
Dinner: Sunday to Thursday: 6.30pm – 10.30pm (last order 9:45 p.m.),
Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays: 6.30pm – 12am (last order 10.30pm), Sunday Brunch: 11.30am – 3.30pm (last order 3 pm)

At the summit of Labrador Nature Reserve lies Tamarind Hill Singapore, a gourmet dining establishment that has been offering authentic Thai food for the past ten years. The Samadhi Retreats organization, which operates four restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has one restaurant in Singapore, Tamarind Hill. The area has been transformed into an exquisite Thai restaurant that specializes in Thai food, taking on the appearance of a 19th-century black-and-white cottage home. But the environment is gorgeous and makes you feel as though you’ve been to Thailand!

Key Differentiators:

  • Thai cuisine
  • Excellent fine dining experience
  • Great food selections

Client Testimonial:

“Everything about this place is great. Authentic Thai food. So delicious. From the Tum yum soup right to the dessert. Had a free drink for me girl friend who was celebrating her birthday!! Very thoughtful and excellent service. Live it!”

Sybil Yap Bee Lee

12. National Kitchen by Violet Oon

National Kitchen by Violet Oon - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: National Kitchen by Violet Oon)
National Kitchen by Violet Oon – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: National Kitchen by Violet Oon)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, Peranakan Cuisine
Address1 St. Andrew’s Road, #02–01, National Gallery Singapore (City Hall Wing)
Phone9834 9935
Operating HoursMonday-Sunday, Lunch: 12PM – 3PM (last order 2:30PM), Dinner: 6PM – 10.30PM, (last order 9:30PM)

Without a doubt, one of the most well-known names in Peranakan cuisine in Singapore is Violet Oon, a fine dining establishment. When the restaurant is busy, the National Gallery’s dining area’s low ceilings and regal, ancient Peranakan decor can become boisterous. Violet Oon’s cuisine is not cheap. Both the main courses and the dinner servings are typically modest. However, a wonderful selection of Peranakan delicacies and other regional favorites are available.

Key Differentiators:

  • Easy reservations
  • Affordable meal
  • Excellent and quality menu

Client Testimonial:

“Great food and service! Staff was very attentive and friendly. Special thanks to the staff member (the lady with the short colored curly hair) who prepared cake and photo for our celebration! Highly recommended!”

Noriko Tan

13. Colony

Colony - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Colony)
Colony – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Colony)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, Australian Contemporary Cuisine
AddressThe Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, 7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore, 039799 Singapore
Phone+65 6434-5288
Operating HoursMonday – Saturday: 6:30 am – 10:30 am, 12 pm – 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm, Sunday: 6:30 am – 10:30 am, 12 pm – 3 pm, Dinner, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Like its title, the fine dining establishment Colony still has the signs of British rule. The logo is attached to the typical British trade and commercial voyages of the 18th century. The map is drawn in cursive using decorated old ink, and many black-and-white photographs of events are displayed on the walls of Colony. The menu at Colony features a variety of ethnic foods from the Western, Singaporean, Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian cuisines. You can watch your food being prepared in the odd conservatory kitchen at The Colony. The seven-conservatory kitchen includes the ice bar, barbeque grill and rotisserie, steam basket, wok, fruit stall, and patisserie.

Key Differentiators:

  • Mix of international and traditional menu
  • Exceptional quality foods
  • Must-try experience

Client Testimonial:

“If you’re looking for a delicious seafood buffet, Colony is the perfect spot. They offer a great selection of fresh seafood dishes, and the service is top-notch. The restaurant is clean and well-maintained, and the food is always fresh and beautifully presented. Highly recommend!”

Cedric Garalde

14. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Restaurant

L' Atelier - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: L' Atelier)
L’ Atelier – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: L’ Atelier)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, French Cuisine
AddressResorts World Sentosa, 26 Sentosa Gateway 
Phone6577 8888
Operating HoursThursday to Monday: 6pm – 10.30pm

L’Atelier offers a taste of French gourmet cuisine without going overboard considering how expensive it may be. Bold red highlights against the black letters provide a feast of contrasts and life as you enter the eatery. In a fine dining establishment like Joel Robuchon’s L’Atelier, the ambiance is exquisite without being so overpowering that it makes you uneasy. A fantastic fine dining restaurant stands out not only for its food but also for the warmth and attention it receives. The managers, like Shaufie on the left, maintain a casual and personable atmosphere with their courtesy and attention to detail.

Key Differentiators:

  • Superb fine dining establishment
  • Excellent ambiance
  • Exquisite service

Client Testimonial:

“The greatest soup I’ve ever had! And to think I had always considered myself a connoisseur of soup! THIS is the greatest soup I’ve ever had and will ever have!”


15. Empress

Empress - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Empress)
Empress – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Empress)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, Cantonese Cuisine
Address1 Empress Place, #01-03 Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore 179555
Phone(65) 6777 7990
Operating HoursMondays to Fridays: Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm (last order 2.30pm), Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm  (last order 10.00pm), Saturdays & Sundays: Lunch: 11am – 4pm (last order 2.30pm), (Dim Sum Brunch last order 3.30pm), Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm (last order 10.00pm)

The Privé Group’s fine dining establishment, The Empress, is housed inside the renowned Asian Civilizations Museum and offers Cantonese-inspired cuisine in a contemporary setting. The dining terrace overlooks the Singapore River, or patrons can choose to eat within the colonial building with its suggestions of a bustling brasserie. Seating options include traditional round tables, long tables with raised chairs, and bar side seating, among others.

Key Differentiators:

  • Located in the renowned Asian Civilizations Museum
  • Serves up Cantonese-inspired cuisine
  • Modern atmosphere

Client Testimonial:

“Decent service. peking duck itself was so so, top up $15 to use the leftover meat as second dish. we chose to cook with ee fu noodles and it was delicious. impossible gyoza dish is a must order!”

Krystal O

16. Fat Cow

Fat Cow - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Fat Cow)
Fat Cow – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Fat Cow)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, Japanese Cuisine
Address1 Orchard Blvd #01-01/02, Camden Medical Centre
Phone6735 0308 / 9452 7814
Operating HoursMondays to Sundays: Lunch: 11.30am – 3pm (Last order at 2.30pm), Dinner: 5.30pm – 10.30pm (Last order at 10pm)

A fine dining Japanese restaurant in Singapore named Fat Cow delivers superb, custom-made meats with a concentration on Japanese Wagyu beef. This upscale steakhouse is renowned for both its omakase experience and for its superb raw, cold, and hot starters. From the lounge bar to the dining area, Fat Cow’s décor is a modern take on the traditional Japanese steakhouses, with wood and shimmering bronze subtly braided together. Simple aesthetics and minimalism are two concepts that are commonly applied in design.

Key Differentiators:

  • Omakase experience
  • Contemporary adaptation of the conventional Japanese steakhouse
  • Aesthetics of simplicity ambiance

Client Testimonial:

“Excellent service! Excellent food! We had Kobe, Miyazaki, and 21 days dry aged waygu, all are medium rare cooked and taste amazing! Sashimi were fresh, never had some wonderful Japanese cuisine experience!”

JW 111

17. Kin

Kin Restaurant - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Kin Restaurant)
Kin Restaurant – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Kin Restaurant)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, Japanese Cuisine
AddressStraits Clan, 31 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089845
Phone6320 9180
Operating HoursMonday-Saturday: 11.30am–2.30pm, 6pm–9.30pm, Closed on Sundays

Kin is located in The Straits Clan’s lobby and is run by none other than Head Chef Damian D’Silva, who is known as the “Grandfather of Heritage Cuisine.” Kin, a fine dining establishment, brings Singapore’s multicultural melting pot to the fore using traditional recipes and regional ingredients enhanced by a dash of nostalgia from Chef Damian’s anecdotes. Home food done to perfection, with modern takes on traditional fare.

Key Differentiators:

  • With heirloom recipes and local ingredients
  • Nostalgic environment
  • Excellent cuisine

Client Testimonial:

“Tremendous food. Even the fat is delicious, savored in a delicious slow cook marinade that melts in your mouth. Melts your brain, melts your heart. I landed on the moon. Though so wish the sauce for the crab Omelette has more acid/sour.”

Seref Isler

18. SKAI Restaurant

Skai - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Skai)
Skai – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Skai)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, Japanese and Modern-Fusion Cuisine
Address2 Stamford Road, Swissotel Singapore
Phone6431 6156
Operating HoursLunch: Sunday-Friday: 11:30 AM – 02:30 PM,
High Tea: Sunday-Friday: 03:00 PM – 05:00 PM,
Dinner: Monday-Sunday: 06:00 PM – 10:30 PM,
Saturday Brunch: 11:30 AM – 02:30 PM,
Skai Bar: Wednesday-Friday: 04:00 PM – 10:30 PM,
Saturday-Sunday: 03:00 PM – 10:30 PM

The Swissotel Stamford’s fine dining establishment is called Skai. It is situated on the 70th floor and offers a breathtaking view over Singapore’s City Hall area. The interior is tidy and contemporary. A contemporary feel is created by the modernized wood furniture, the vibrant orange seats, and the plush pillows. One of my favorite menus is Executive Chef Paul Hallett’s, which features a variety of contemporary fusion meals. It’s challenging to give the cuisine an ethnic twist. There are many grilled meats (mostly beef) and starters with a hint of Japanese flavor on the one hand.

Key Differentiators:

  • Exceptional and unusual menu
  • Excellent service
  • Modern and sophisticated cuisine

Client Testimonial:

“Went for night tea – great experience from booking through to enjoying! Great variety of bite size treats and many teas to choose. Also added a champagne experience, place is amazing with one of the best views in town. Service is very friendly polite and attentive.”

Matt Clarke

19. Monti

Monti - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Monti)
Monti – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Monti)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, Italian and Modern European Cuisine
AddressMonti at 1-Pavilion, 82 Collyer Quay Singapore 049327
Phone+65 9111 5529
Operating HoursWeekday Colapranzo Brunch : Monday to Friday, 11:00AM – 3:00PM;
Rooftop Bar & Tapas : Monday to Sunday, 5:00PM – 10:30PM;
Weekend All-You-Can-Eat Colapranzo
Brunch: Saturday & Sunday, 11:00AM – 3:00PM;
Dinner: Monday to Sunday, 6:00PM – 10:30PM

Since its opening, Monti, a fine dining establishment with a multi-award-winning architectural design, has been growing popularity and drawing in more customers thanks to its award-winning Italian and modern European cuisines. The impeccable overall aesthetic of Monti exquisite dining spreads throughout Singapore, resonating with adoration and compliments. The window offers a beautiful view of Marina Bay. During the day, the city’s night sky gently, beautifully, and tenderly cascades over it as the sun’s natural light caresses and flatters it. It’s perfect for gatherings, parties, and other social occasions.

Key Differentiators:

  • Delectable cuisines
  • Spacious event areas and premium rooftop bars and patios
  • Multi-award-winning culinary expert

Client Testimonial:

“Staff were very friendly and ambiance was good. Apart from the great view, the course meal was really worth the price!! Never had so many truffle in a day and each dish really exceeded expectations. It was nice to have spent my birthday here. Thank you for the memories, Monti!”

Stella Lee

20. The Courtyard

The Courtyard - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: The Courtyard)
The Courtyard – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: The Courtyard)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, International Cuisine
Address1 Fullerton Square Fullerton Hotel The Fullerton Hotel, 049178 Singapore
Phone+65 6877 8911
Operating HoursMonday to Sunday from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

A fine dining restaurant is nestled in the Fullerton Hotel in a sunlit cavaedium and is situated in a location that matches the name of the restaurant, the Courtyard. The setting enhances the very meals being served flawlessly, whether it is a light meal, breakfast, or late-night dinner. The restaurant serves their best Japanese, Indian, and international cuisines. The Courtyard is a well-liked fine dining establishment among locals and students seeking a flavor of another culture. A visit is worthwhile due to the diversity of top-notch culinary options to suit your individual interests. A complementary afternoon tea served as a harpist sets the tone is more than just a dream when there is a roof over your head.

Key Differentiators:

  • Best Japanese, Indian and international cuisines
  • Variety of high-quality culinary options
  • Excellent fine dining experience

Client Testimonial:

“Nice high tea. Savoury food can be refilled. And staff is always walking around asking if you want a refill. Aircon is a bit warm due to natural lighting.”

Allison Tan

21. Chef’s Table by Chef Stephen Zoisl

The Chef's Table - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: The Chef's Table)
The Chef’s Table – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: The Chef’s Table)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, French Cuisine
Address61 Tras Street, 079000 Singapore Tanjong Pagar 
Phone+65 6224 4188
Operating HoursTuesday to Saturday from 06:00 pm to 12:00 am, Friday lunch from 12:00 pm to 03:00 pm

One of Singapore’s finest French restaurants is run by Michelin-starred chef Stephen Zoisl. For sophisticated gourmet eaters, Chef’s Table is an award-winning fine dining establishment. They use only the finest and most premium ingredients to make the most stunning works of art that will certainly delight your mind and taste buds. The finest French, European, Modern, and Caucasian cuisines are Chef’s Table’s area of expertise.

Key Differentiators:

  • Exquisite French restaurant
  • Finest and most premium ingredients
  • Excellent wine choices

Client Testimonial:

“Every dish was great. No mind blower but greatly enjoyed every single dishes. Calm ambience. Great service. Had 6 course menu. Want to try 8 course next time but 6 was already generous portion.”

Roger C.

22. Osia Steak & Seafood Grill

Osia Steak & Seafood Grill - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Osia Steak & Seafood Grill)
Osia Steak & Seafood Grill – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Osia Steak & Seafood Grill)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, Australian Cuisine
Address26 Sentosa Gateway, Festive Walk, #02-140 & 141, Singapore 098138
Phone6577 6688 / 6577 6560
Operating HoursLunch: 12pm – 2.30pm, Sunday Brunch: 12pm – 2.30pm, Dinner: 6pm – 10pm

The Osia Restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa is managed by chef de cuisine Douglas Tay and offers a seasonal menu that reflects neighborhood fashions. A fine dining establishment called Osia employs regional Australian products and cutting-edge cooking methods to produce cuisine that is “out-of-the-box” in its approach. Some of Osia’s meals may be too sophisticated for beginners because they contain a variety of intricate spices. Although the food is of good quality, the a la carte menu is fairly expensive.

Key Differentiators:

  • Seasonal menu available
  • Excellent cuisine
  • Reasonable serving

Client Testimonial:

“I must praise the service crew never fail to provide friendly and warm services. Its set lunch menu was excellent! Fresh, great portioning, great presentation, all tasted marvelous! Must come back again!”

Derek Li

23. The Halia Restaurant

The Halia Restaurant - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: The Halia Restaurant)
The Halia Restaurant – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: The Halia Restaurant)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, Australian Cuisine
Address1 Cluny Rd, Ginger Garden Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569
Phone8444 1148
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9am to 9pm; Saturday & Sunday: 10am to 9pm 

Nearer to the Orchid gardens at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens is a nice dining establishment called The Halia. Simply move in the direction of the Orchid gardens side of the Botanic Gardens, which has multiple entrances. Although not the only café or restaurant there, it is one of the busiest. Not a surprise given how excellent the food is. There are trees and vegetation throughout the entire area, which is covered in greenery. On a sunny day, there are many Singaporeans and tourists in the peaceful area.

Key Differentiators:

  • Indoor and outdoor seating
  • Creative cuisine
  • Exquisite experience

Client Testimonial:

“We had an enjoyable time dining at The Halia. Ambiance was perfect at 5pm. Food was delicious but limited choices. Kids friendly. Servers are all professional and welcoming.”

Mira Sabri

24. Salt Grill & Sky Bar

Salt Grill & Sky Bar - Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Salt Grill & Sky Bar)
Salt Grill & Sky Bar – Fine Dining Singapore (Credit: Salt Grill & Sky Bar)
Key ServicesFine Dining Restaurant, Australian Contemporary Cuisine
Address2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Phone+65 6592 5118
Operating HoursLUNCH (Monday-Friday) 11.30am-1.45pm,
Brunch (Saturday, Sunday & PH) 11am-2.30pm,
Dinner (Monday-Sunday) 6pm-9.45pm,
Sky bar: 11.30am-10.45pm, Bar 11.30am-9.45pm

Salt Grill & Sky Bar offers stunning views of the downtown cityscape. Your fine dining experience will be elevated by the setting, which is beautiful, contemporary, and chic and features panoramic views. Head Chef Jake Kowalewski, who co-owns the restaurant with his wife, offers a superb gourmet menu featuring the best Australian produce. So there’s no need to seek any farther if you want to sample authentic Australian cuisine!

Key Differentiators:

  • Fantastic views of the city skyline
  • Finest Australian produce
  • Outstanding gourmet selection

Client Testimonial:

“Had an extremely unforgettable night for our anniversary. we sat outdoors. my fiancé loved it very much. ambience and food was superb. the waiters serving us was very helpful and kind towards us too.”

Nicholas Hoon

Fine Dining Singapore

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