8 Best Fridges in Singapore [2024]

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Best Fridge Singapore

We are all aware that one of the most crucial home appliances is the refrigerator.

A refrigerator can help you save money on groceries by preserving the quality of your food for extended periods of time. It can also keep perishables like milk cold to delay the deterioration of these things.

It must be energy-efficient, roomy, and simple to maintain because it keeps all of your food. Since refrigerators were initially created, the refrigerator market has advanced significantly!

How do you decide which refrigerator model to buy when there are so many options? In any case, we’ve put up a list of the Best Fridges in Singapore to meet your needs!

But before that, here are some consideration factors that you should keep in mind in choosing Fridges Singapore.

Consideration factors when choosing Fridge Singapore

  • Space and size: Fridges come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to make sure you get one that will fit properly in the kitchen without taking up too much space.
  • Energy efficiency: Singapore has stringent energy efficiency standards for fridges, so it is important to check that any fridge you purchase meets the requirements.
  • Function: There are a range of features available on modern fridges such as water and ice dispensers, temperature control settings, and multi-door refrigerators with separate compartments.
  • Cost: When selecting a fridge – prices can vary significantly depending on the model and features, so it is important to compare different models before making a decision.

By taking these factors into account when choosing fridges Singapore, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice when it comes to keeping your food fresh and tasty. With the right refrigerator, you can enjoy delicious meals for years to come. Here are the Best Fridges in Singapore!

1. Mitsubishi MR-WX61Z 484 Litre Folio Series 6-Door Fridge

 Mitsubishi MR-WX61Z - Fridge Singapore
Mitsubishi MR-WX61Z – Fridge Singapore
Key FeaturesNeuro Inverter
Smart Cube
Super Cool Chilling
Soft Freezing (Super Quick Freezing)
Hot Freezing
Clean Ice (Washable Components)
Auto Ice Making
Vitamin Factory
Anti Bacteria Food Liner
Anti-Mould Gasket
Door Alarm
3 Ticks
Where to buyShopee

This Mitsubishi 6-door refrigerator is perfect for a mansion. The tempered glass doors give the finished product an attractive appearance.

This Japanese-made refrigerator marries functionality with style. It doesn’t matter whether you often open your refrigerator doors or are on vacation because it includes a Mitsubishi Electric Neuro Inverter compressor that gradually slows or speeds up to maintain the correct temperatures.

The efficiency of variable-speed compressors is higher than that of traditional fixed-speed compressors. Additionally, it makes use of technology that keeps track of your household’s usage patterns and consumes less power at night to conserve even more energy.

If you want a more compact version of this attractive refrigerator, a 415-Litre version is also offered.

Key Differentiators

  • Available Colours: Glass Rose Pink / Glass Dark Brown / Glass White
  • Weight: 126 kg
  • Dimensions: 685 x 738 x 1821 mm

2. Hitachi Fridge R-H310P7MS

  Hitachi Fridge R-H310P7MS - Fridge Singapore
Hitachi Fridge R-H310P7MS – Fridge Singapore
Key FeaturesNett 260 Litres
2 door
Inverter Control
Nano Titanium
Eco-Thermo Sensor
W 600mm X D 663mm X H 1552mm
2 Ticks
Where to buyElectroMart

The first refrigerator from Hitachi to feature environmental thermosensors is the R-H310P7MS refrigerator. In order to maintain the ideal temperature in each compartment, the refrigerator may detect temperature changes and make adjustments.

This Hitachi refrigerator offers strong cooling performance while using less electricity. To prevent energy waste, it may generate powerful yet energy-efficient cooling. It can still function even without a stabilizer under extreme voltage swings since it might continue to function.

This freezer can maintain the temperature of your food for up to 12 hours even during a power outage! It’s one of the many reasons why it has earned a spot on our list and has been dubbed the best fridge in Singapore by many.

It includes separate chambers with three distinct temperature settings for meat, dairy, and veggies. To maximize storage, it also has an ice tray that can be turned and detached.

Key Differentiators

  • Works even during a power cut
  • Fresh select modes
  • Inverter Control, Eco thermo sensor
  • 600 x 1552 x 663mm
  • Dual sensing control
  • Heavy-duty tempered glass shelves
  • Scratch-proof and heat-resistant design
  • Stabilizer-free
  • Energy-efficient inverter compressor

3.  Samsung Fridge RT35K553ASL

 Samsung Fridge  - Fridge Singapore
Samsung Fridge – Fridge Singapore
Key FeaturesTwin Cooling Plus™ ensures optimal humidity care
Convertible freezer & fridge with 5 conversion modes
Digital Inverter Technology for guaranteed durability
Where to buyHarvey Norman

The Samsung Fridge RT35K553ASL is another top-freezer design and offers five conversion options for reliable and stable cooling.

If you want to store food for several seasons or special occasions, you can convert the freezer into a refrigerator. Also, if you’re preparing for a long trip, turn off the fridge section!

What distinguishes it is the cooling system, which maintains ideal humidity and preserves food in all compartments.

The odors that permeate each storage space and affect other frozen items are to blame if you’ve ever observed noticeable flavor alterations in your cooked meals.

The various airflows in this fridge are one of the reasons it is regarded as one of the best refrigerators on the market because they preserve the distinctive flavors of each component.

Key Differentiators

  • Freshness is preserved by sealing in moisture.
  • Odorless frozen food
  • 5 conversion modes that could be used for flexible storage
  • Assurance of durability

4. Electrolux 421L NutriFresh Inverter Bottom Mount Refrigerator

 Electrolux 421L NutriFresh  - Fridge Singapore
Electrolux 421L NutriFresh – Fridge Singapore
Key FeaturesTasteLock crisper keeps your fruit & vegetables fresh for 7 days
XL Freezer enables you to store more
Where to buyLazada

The Electrolux 421L NutriFresh Inverter Bottom Mount Refrigerator is a stunning high-gloss rose gold appliance with the highest level of functionality.

This has TasteLock Crispers and a NutriPlus filter to help create a sealed, humid environment that maintains nutrients for a longer amount of time and keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh for up to a week.

Additionally, the 360 Airflow Cooling System maintains a constant temperature on each shelf so that your meals stay fresher and more delicious for longer.

The 125L freezer capacity of the Electrolux refrigerator includes three separate drawers for arranging all of your food products.

The largest perk of this refrigerator is its sizable door bin, which is perfect for holding both large and small bottles and jars. Additionally, TasteGuard technology, which kills 99.8% of bacteria, is included.

Key Differentiators

  • TasteGuard eliminates 99.8% of bacteria
  • Flexible door bin space
  • 125L of freezer space and three separate drawers
  • Keep fruit & vegetables fresh for 7 days.
  • 360 Cooling

Customer’s Testimony

The color is unique and beautiful(rose gold), working excellent, the operation of rail of the freezing zone is excellent. the lights(white) is sufficient, user friendly

Yee Chin

4. Bosch KGN56XI40 

 Bosch - Fridge Singapore
Bosch – Fridge Singapore
Key FeaturesVitaFresh: Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh
Capacity: Large capacity with flexible spaces for storing groceries of different sizes
Design: Modern design with fingerprint and scratch-resistant stainless steel finishing.
Multi airflow system: Minimises fluctuating temperatures by ensuring optimal and uniform air circulation in the fridge.
LED light: illuminates the refrigerator evenly without glare, for the life of the appliance.
Where to buyLazada

The inability of freezer compartments to fit or support larger frozen items, such as meat or even cakes, is one of the most frequent complaints people have.

The Bosch KGN56XI40 has a BigBox frozen food drawer to store all of the frozen goods required to host your parties if a dedicated pantry is out of the question or if you just don’t have the space for one in your kitchen.

The huge compartment allows you to store larger items like whole turkeys and cakes, and the transparent glass separators are simple to take out and put back in for better organization.

Key Differentiators

  • Net Weight: 93.7 kg
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1,930 mm x 700 mm x 800 mm
  • Energy Consumption: 217 kWh/yr
  • Net Capacity (Freezer) : 505L
  • Gross Weight: 102.2 kg

6. EuropAce 396 Retro Fridge

 EuropAce 396 Retro Fridge - Fridge Singapore
EuropAce 396 Retro Fridge – Fridge Singapore
Key FeaturesVintage Retro Design
Vibrant Color
R30° Round Edge
R600 Compressor
Built-in Freezer
Premium Aluminium Handle
Retro White or Cherry Red
Where to buyLazada

EuropAce has created a vintage series to bring back the time when we kept soda bottles in these refrigerators.

The eye-catching color and lovely vintage-retro style will spark conversation! It has an R600 compressor and a built-in freezer. The refrigerator has a total capacity of 85L for the fridge and 57L for the freezer.

Key Differentiators

  • Refrigerator Features: Adjustable Shelves
  • Non-inverter
  • 85 ML
  • Top Mount Freezer

7. LG Fridge GS-X6011NS

  LG Fridge GS-X6011NS - Fridge Singapore
LG Fridge GS-X6011NS – Fridge Singapore
Key FeaturesInstaView Door-in-Door™
Inverter Linear Compressor
Hygiene FRESH+™
LG ThinQ
SpacePlus™ Ice System
Where to buyHarvey Norman

A side-by-side refrigerator from LG with many compartments that can hold enough food for a month is the GS-X6011NS!

For those who want to prepare and schedule their meals for the coming week, it’s a terrific option. You may prepare all of your meals in advance and not have to worry about your ingredients going bad in the coming days.

Additionally, this countertop refrigerator has a mirror window glass panel for an accessible compartment that you can reach by giving it two knocks, which will turn on the contents.

You can even get a drink without opening the door, preserving food for longer and preventing the loss of chilly air.

This refrigerator has an inverter linear compressor that maintains optimal temperature control while offering up to 32% energy savings.

In order to keep your food clean and fresh, it also features an air filter. Additionally, it has an automatic ice maker that makes crushed ice and cube ice for drinks like lemonade or watermelon juice.

The fact that you can adjust and manage the settings on this refrigerator from your smartphone is its best feature. Even while you’re not at home, you can easily adjust the temperature, diagnose your refrigerator, alter the air filter settings, and control all of these features with a few swipes on your phone!

Key Differentiators

  • 32% Energy Saving
  • Full Wine Rack
  • LG ThinQ
  • Instaview Door-in-Door

8. Panasonic Fridge NR-BX468XSS1

 Panasonic Fridge NR-BX468XSS1 - Fridge Singapore
Panasonic Fridge NR-BX468XSS1 – Fridge Singapore
Key FeaturesTempered Glass Shelves
Crisper (Vegetable Case)
Prime Fresh / Chilled
LED Light
Adjustable Shelves
Twist ice Tray
Freezer Case Bottom
Where to buyLazada

This Panasonic refrigerator boasts a straightforward, full-flat design that complements modern kitchen decor without having any frames or bumps.

With convenient access to large items and food-related items that can be stored in the fridge section, it is a bottom freezer refrigerator.

To protect the smells of various items from mixing, you can keep them in three individual cases. This is especially advantageous for foods with strong aromas, like kimchi or durian.

Additionally, it has an active enzyme that gets rid of the unpleasant odor that some meals, like fish, have. Additionally, this refrigerator features anti-bacterial and deodorizing qualities that stop the growth of bacteria and mold.

The vegetable case is well-designed, with a moisture-retaining construction that can keep the produce fresh and juicy for an extended period of time.

You may be sure that all foods will remain nutrient-rich and authentic in taste and texture thanks to its gentle freezing function. As a result, you may always use the freshest ingredients when cooking.

The amount of lighting, room temperature, refrigerator temperature, and the frequency of door openings are all tracked and analyzed, which is important for cooling effects and energy usage.

Key Differentiators

  • Full Flat Premium Design
  • Less odor mixing with 3 distinct cases
  • Fresh-Safe, Moisture-Retaining Cases
  • Cleanliness and antibacterial

Fridge Singapore

There are numerous models of refrigerators that may be purchased. It can be challenging to determine which refrigerator will meet your needs the best.

Make sure you purchase a fridge that will fit your lifestyle by paying attention to factors like size, efficiency, and longevity.

In addition to holding food, a refrigerator should have smooth surfaces without fissures or difficult-to-reach places where bacteria could thrive.

Don’t forget to check them out before deciding which one will work best for you as we’ve listed the Best Fridges in Singapore and offered useful information on some of the most well-known fridge brands now being sold at stores close to you.

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