10 Best Must-Visit Game Shop Singapore [2024]

Game Shop Singapore

Best Game Shop Singapore

If you’re a gaming enthusiast residing in or visiting Singapore, you’re in for a treat.

The best game shops in Singapore are Dollytheshop, RetroNutz, Gamewerks, War Games, and GameXtreme.

Ensure to examine the customer service, game selection, pricing, and quality of pre-owned games when searching for a game shop.

Game shops in Singapore offer extensive collections to suit diverse gaming preferences. With excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and top-notch condition of used games, they are a haven for gamers.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top must-visit game shops in Singapore, offering an immersive experience for all gamers. Buckle up and get ready for a virtual tour!

Quick Summary

  • Best game shops in Singapore are Dollytheshop, RetroNutz, Gamewerks, War Games, and GameXtreme.
  • When looking for a game shop, make sure to check out the customer service, variety of games, prices, and the condition of used games.
  • The game shops in Singapore are known for their extensive collections that cater to diverse gaming preferences, excellent customer service, competitive pricing and the top-notch condition of their used games.

Key Consideration Factors

When choosing which game shop to go to, make sure you have checked these important factors:

  • Customer service: Friendly and knowledgeable staff who are able to assist you with any inquiries or recommendations.
  • Game selection: A wide variety of games available, including the latest releases as well as popular classics.
  • Pricing: Competitive prices for both new and pre-owned games, ensuring that customers get value for their money.
  • Quality of pre-owned games: Well-maintained and functioning used games, offering a cost-effective option for gamers.

Best Game Shop Sinpapore

1) War Games

War Games - Game Shop Singapore
(Credit: War Games)
Key Services:latest game, miniature war games, affordable products, 12 months of warranty
Address:Blk 720 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-4112, Singapore 560720
Phone:+65 9858 3410
Operating Hours:12PM – 9:30PM Daily

At War Games, their goal is to provide exceptional products and deliver excellent customer service.

Their extensive collection includes a variety of gaming consoles, games, miniature war games, and trading card games, all available at competitive prices that are affordable. While many gaming businesses are disappearing, worry not! Wargames in Ang Mo Kio is here to save the day.

Don’t underestimate them; inside their humble store, you’ll uncover the latest game releases waiting to be explored by you at incredibly reasonable prices.

2) RetroNutz

RetroNutz - Game Shop Singapore
(Credit: Nicholas Lo via Google Images)
Key Services:Retro Games, miniature war games, repairs, and modding services
Address:1, #04-02G, Rochor Canal Rd, Sim Lim Square, Singapore 188504
Phone:+65 9271 9661
Operating Hours:12:30PM – 7PM Daily

Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the depths of gaming history. Immerse yourself in a collection of classic video games and systems that will transport you back in time. Unlike other stores, RetroNutz doesn’t just focus on the latest releases.

They pride themselves on curating a nostalgic experience, celebrating the iconic games and platforms that have shaped the past few decades. Situated in Sim Lim Square, RetroNutz offers an amazing variety that will reignite the joy and excitement of your childhood memories.

Remember the thrill of playing on the legendary Sega Game Gear or Game Boy Color? Prepare to relive those cherished moments and indulge in the wonders of retro gaming. Discover why RetroNutz is renowned as one of Singapore’s premier game stores. Step inside and immerse yourself in the enchanting magic that awaits you!

3) Dollytheshop

Dollytheshop - Game Shop Singapore
(Credit: Dollytheshop)
Key Services:PS3, Nintendo switch games & Volks Dollfie
Address:35 Kallang Pudding Rd, #06-11 Tong Lee Building, Singapore 349314
Phone:+65 9105 9866
Operating Hours:11AM – 7PM Tuesdays – Saturdays

Dollytheshop is a must-visit for DollfieDream Doll enthusiasts. Prepare to be amazed by their unparalleled customer service. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to them. Although their video game collection may not be the largest, Dollytheshop is a beloved haven for gaming enthusiasts.

Get ready to be impressed by their outstanding service. While you may not find obscure or rare titles, they always have the latest and most popular games in stock. This is why they are widely recognized as one of the top game stores in Singapore.

4) GameMartz

GameMartz - Game Shop Singapore
(Credit: GameMartz)
Key Services:Video game products, repair services, technical support
Address:200 Victoria St, #03 – 24B, Singapore 188021
Phone:+65 6336 0217
Operating Hours:11:00AM – 9:30PM Daily

GameMartz is the ultimate gaming destination, offering a wide range of video game products that will immerse you in a world of limitless possibilities. Whether you’re in search of gaming consoles, peripherals, or software, they have you covered for Sony (PS4/PS5), Microsoft (XBox Series, PC), and Nintendo Switch (Switch / Switch Lite).

But wait, there’s more! They also provide exceptional repair services and technical support to ensure seamless gaming experiences. As a part of the same company that operates Shopitree, GameMartz is a gaming industry powerhouse and is widely recognized as one of Singapore’s largest video game providers.

5) Toy or Game

Toy or Game - Game Shop Singapore
(Credit: Toy or Game)
Key Services:Membership perks, Games, consoles, toys, figurines
Address:18 Boon Lay Way #03-133 18@TradeHub 21, Singapore 609966
Phone:+65 9177 3671
Operating Hours:10AM – 8PM Daily

TOG, the leading retailer of video games, consoles, and peripherals in Singapore, offers an extensive selection of renowned brands like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Moreover, they also stock collectible toy figurines, Trading Card Games (TCG), and comic books.

With multiple locations throughout the island, TOG is widely recognized as the ultimate destination for video game enthusiasts, comparable to the popularity of Starbucks. Although their prices may not be the most budget-friendly, their membership program boasts numerous benefits that are definitely worth considering.

6) PLAYe

PLAYe - Game Shop Singapore
(Credit: PLAYe)
Key Services: Video games, action figures, trading card games, toys
Address:53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 AMKHUB #02-30/31 Singapore, Singapore 569933
Phone:+65 6454 5120
Operating Hours:11:00AM – 9:00PM Daily

PLAYe, the ultimate destination for gamers, is an authorized reseller of the hottest gaming consoles such as Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series. But that’s not all! They also offer a wide range of action figures, trading cards, and toys that will bring joy to your inner geek.

With PLAYe, you’ll experience the perfect blend of online and offline shopping. They have an extensive collection of tens of thousands of games, toys, and figures, covering everything from the latest releases to timeless classics.

But wait, there’s more! Unleash your collector’s instinct with their diverse selection of collectibles, including adorable AF Amiibos and figurines featuring beloved gaming icons like Mario, Pikachu, and Zelda. And let’s not forget about the Tomica automobiles!

7) Qisahn

Qisahn - Game Shop Singapore
(Credit: Qisahn)
Key Services:Gaming consoles, video game titles, toys, figurines
Address:545 Orchard Road, #05-11 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Phone:+65 3159 3099
Operating Hours:12 – 8PM Daily

Qisahn is your go-to destination for all your gaming needs! With an extensive collection of video games and merchandise, we offer a wide selection that includes the latest gaming systems like the highly sought-after Nintendo Switch, the powerful Xbox Series S, and the immersive Playstation 4 Pro.

Whether you’re eagerly awaiting new console releases or in search of physical copies of games for PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch, Qisahn has got you covered. You can trust us to provide the ultimate gaming experience with our diverse range of products.

8) Gamewerks

Gamewerks - Game Shop Singapore
(Credit: Gamewerks)
Key Services:All Video Games Consoles & Accessories, Buy Sell Trade Games & Game Consoles, Repair Service
Address: 1 Tampines North Drive 3, #02-06 BHCC Space, Singapore 528499
Phone:+65 6779 0646
Operating Hours:12:00 PM – 9:00 PM Daily

If you’re seeking unforgettable gaming experiences on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or Playstation, look no further than Gamewerks! With their impressive game collection, they have everything you need to satisfy your gaming cravings, from action-packed adventures to immersive RPGs.

And that’s not all! Gamewerks also offers a variety of handheld systems, including the beloved Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. Now you can take your gaming journey with you, wherever you may roam.

9) Shopitree

Shopitree - Game Shop Singapore
(Credit: Shopitree)
Key Services:Extensive selection of video games, board games, gaming collectibles, and cutting-edge technology
Website:51 Bukit Batok Cres, #05-17 Unity Centre, Singapore 658077
Phone:+65 6316 5026
Operating Hours:Monday to Friday 10 AM–6 PM

Welcome to Shopitree, the ultimate online destination for video games and digital entertainment. Get ready to embark on an exciting gaming journey like never before!

At Shopitree, we take great pride in offering a wide range of video games, gaming collectibles, and cutting-edge technology at unbeatable prices. As the fastest-growing gaming retailer in Southeast Asia, we ship thousands of products worldwide from our base in Singapore, bringing joy to gamers everywhere.

10) GameXtreme

GameXtreme - Game Shop Singapore
(Credit: GameXtreme)
Key Services:genuine, high-quality products, repair services, second-hand games
Address:4 Tampines Central 5, #04-10/11 Tampines Mall, Singapore 529510
Phone:+65 9146 6246
Operating Hours:11:30AM – 9PM Daily

Having a history of over 15 years, they have positioned themselves as the foremost provider of goods and technical expertise in the ever-changing gaming and gadget industries.

Clients enjoy the added value of their complimentary diagnostic services, guaranteeing the exceptional craftsmanship of their skilled professionals.

Additionally, they offer competitive market prices for their high-quality products and gladly accept trade-in items from customers. Get ready to encounter unmatched excellence!

Game Shop Singapore

In summary, these top ten game stores in Singapore offer a wide array of gaming options, catering to the diverse needs of gamers.

Whether it’s the latest console you are after, new game releases, or unique collectibles, these stores have you covered. Apart from providing high-quality products, they also offer excellent customer service, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

So, gear up and embark on an exciting journey into the world of gaming with these exceptional stores. Remember, a world of endless possibilities awaits at your fingertips!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about game shops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best game shops in Singapore below:

What are the best game shops in Singapore?

The best game shops in Singapore are GameXtreme, RetroNutz, Dollytheshop, Gamewerks, and War Games.

Can I play games at these must-visit game shops in Singapore?

Yes, many of these game shops provide spaces where customers can play games before making a purchase. It’s a great way to try out different games and have fun with friends.

Will I find a large number of games to choose from at these game shops?

Certainly! These game shops in Singapore are a must-visit, providing an extensive range of games such as board games, card games, video games, and more. There are countless options available to cater to your preferences.

Are the games available at these shops fun to play?

Indeed, the games selected by these shops are carefully chosen based on their ability to provide entertainment and a satisfying gameplay experience. Whether you prefer strategy, puzzles, or action-packed adventures, you’ll discover games that are guaranteed to deliver enjoyment and thrills.

What payment methods can I use to pay for the games at these shops?

These game shops typically offer a range of payment options, such as cash, credit cards, and digital wallets. You have the flexibility to select the most convenient method for your purchase.

What kind of accessories can I find at the top game shops in Singapore?

The top game shops in Singapore offer a wide range of accessories for gaming enthusiasts, including controllers, headsets, gaming keyboards, and gaming mice. These accessories enhance your gaming experience and allow you to immerse yourself fully in the game.

How do I create an account on these game shop websites?

Creating an account on the game shop websites is a simple and straightforward process. Just visit the website of your preferred shop, locate the “Sign Up” or “Create Account” button, and follow the instructions provided. Once your account is created, you can easily manage your orders, track your purchases, and access exclusive deals.

How are orders processed when purchasing games from these shops?

When you place an order for games at these reputable game shops in Singapore, your order is promptly processed by their dedicated team. They ensure that your order is carefully packaged and shipped to your desired address within the specified timeframe. You can also opt for convenient pickup options if available.

Can I add multiple items to my cart at once while shopping for games?

Absolutely! Shopping for games at the best game shops in Singapore is made easy with the option to add multiple items to your cart. Simply browse through the extensive collection of games, select the ones you desire, and add them to your cart. This allows you to conveniently purchase all your favorite games in one go.

How many games are available at these top game shops in Singapore?

These top game shops in Singapore boast a vast selection of games, offering hundreds of options to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of action, adventure, sports, or strategy games, you’ll find an extensive range of titles to suit your preferences. With such a wide variety of games available, there’s something for every gamer.

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