15 Best Laser Tag Singapore Providers [2024]

Laser Tag Singapore

Best Laser Tag Singapore

When it comes to laser tag in Singapore, choosing a reputable provider is crucial.

With the best laser tag Singapore providers like FunEmpire, Cohesion Team Building Singapore, Laser Tag SG, Laser Quest Singapore, Team Building Singapore, and Laser Tag Singapore, you have a range of choices.

In this article, we will look at the best laser tag providers in Singapore. We have compared prices, locations, reviews, and other factors to bring you, and FunEmpire stands out as the best!

So grab your friends and get ready for some high-energy fun!

Quick Summary

  • Best Laser Tag Singapore providers include FunEmpire, Cohesion Team Building Singapore, Laser Tag SG, Laser Quest Singapore, Team Building Singapore, and Laser Tag Singapore.
  • Key considerations when selecting a Laser Tag Singapore provider include the location, game modes, pricing, and equipment.
  • FunEmpire’s laser tag stands out as the best laser tag in Singapore, with more than 8,000 stellar reviews and a proven track record of successfully organizing over 50,000 events, their reputation speaks for itself.

What Is Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a thrilling game in which players utilize a laser tag gun equipped with infrared technology to “tag” their opponents using beams of light. These guns emit harmless infrared beams, while sensors on the players’ vests detect these beams. The ultimate goal of the game is to tag as many opponents as possible, all while skillfully evading being tagged yourself.

Laser tag is widely enjoyed in Singapore and it’s easy to see why. It offers a delightful way to stay active, enhance strategic thinking abilities, and strengthen the bonds with loved ones. Nonetheless, selecting a reputable laser tag provider is crucial to guarantee a safe and pleasurable experience.

Why Laser Tag?

Playing laser tag offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it provides an enjoyable means of staying active. Engaging in activities like running, evading laser beams, and seeking shelter can be a fantastic workout. Moreover, laser tag promotes strategic thinking and teamwork, making it an excellent choice for fostering camaraderie and collaboration during team-building activities in Singapore.

Laser tag offers a safe and thrilling alternative to high-intensity sports such as paintball or airsoft. Unlike those activities, laser tag doesn’t use physical projectiles, resulting in a safer and less painful experience. It’s also an excellent choice for individuals who are pain-sensitive or have physical restrictions.

Benefits Of Playing Laser Tag For Team Building Singapore

Laser tag in Singapore is a fantastic team-building activity that promotes strategic thinking and teamwork. It fosters communication and cooperation skills among team members while providing a thrilling and enjoyable opportunity to bond with colleagues outside of the workplace.

Laser tag can be a great equalizer for team building. It levels the playing field for everyone, irrespective of their rank or position in the company, breaking down hierarchical barriers and fostering collaboration among team members.

How To Choose A Laser Tag Provider

Choosing the right laser tag provider is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a laser tag provider:

  • Quality of equipment: Ensure that the laser tag provider utilizes top-notch equipment, encompassing guns, vests, and all other accessories. Inferior quality gear may result in malfunctions or inaccuracies, ultimately diminishing the overall experience.
  • Game modes: Verify if the provider presents a range of game modes. This can contribute to maintaining a sense of novelty and enthusiasm, while accommodating diverse skill levels and group sizes.
  • Pricing: Compare the prices of various laser tag providers in Singapore, taking into consideration that the most affordable option may not always offer the best value for your money.
  • Location: Take into account the laser tag provider’s location. Can it be easily reached by public transportation? Is there enough parking space? Does the venue accommodate your group size?
  • Reviews and recommendations: By reading reviews and recommendations from past customers, you can gain insight into the quality of the experience and make a well-informed decision.

Best Laser Tag Providers In Singapore:

1. FunEmpire

FunEmpire - Laser Tag Singapore (Credit: FunEmpire)
FunEmpire (Credit: FunEmpire)
Where To

Unlock the best laser tag adventure with FunEmpire! The indoor and outdoor laser tag games are tailor-made to your occasion – be it corporate team building, National Service events, school gatherings, birthday bashes, carnivals/fairs or any other special occasion.

Enjoy a thrilling yet safe laser tag suitable for all ages – no one’s too old for an exhilarating and exciting experience at FunEmpire! Let us provide you with the perfect entertainment solution for your team building in Singapore requirements.

2. Birthday Party Singapore

Birthday Party Singapore - Laser Tag Singapore (Credit: TheFunSocial)
Birthday Party Singapore
Where To

Make your next birthday celebration in Singapore extraordinary with Birthday Party Singapore’s laser tag parties! Treat yourself and your friends to an unforgettable experience with state-of-the-art outdoor laser tag equipment and experienced staff members.

Laser Tag with Birthday Party Singapore is the perfect way to make sure your special day will be remembered forever!

3. Team Building Activities Singapore

Team Building Activities Singapore - Laser Tag Singapore
Team Building Activities Singapore
Where To

Make your corporate event unforgettable with Team Building Activities Singapore! With a focus on creating team spirit, their physical and mental challenges give participants the opportunity to hone important skills like communication, cooperation, leadership and strategic thinking.

They have successfully coordinated and provided laser tag activities for over 50 corporate events in Singapore – so join them today and witness the powerful outcomes of their unique team building experience!

4. Team Building Games Singapore

Team Building Games Singapore - Laser Tag Singapore
Team Building Games Singapore
Where To

Join Team Building Games Singapore for an unforgettable laser tag experience! As the largest and most reliable provider in Singapore with over 12,000 events to its name, you can be sure that you’ll always have a blast.

Battle your friends or colleagues with Laser Tag – a perfect team-building activity for any group! Utilizing laser tag guns and strategic gameplay, you’ll get an adrenaline rush without the pain. With so much fun, it’s no wonder why this is the number one choice in Singapore! Experience the excitement of Laser Tag today!

5. Cohesion Team Building Singapore

Laser Tag - Best Corporate Events Singapore
Cohesion Team Building Singapore
Where To

Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind experience with Cohesion Team Building Singapore’s Laser Tag Experience?

Create lasting memories as you work together in thrilling tournaments. So don’t let this opportunity pass by – book your session now and make the most of it!

6. Laser Quest Singapore

Laser Quest Singapore - Laser Tag Singapore
Laser Quest Singapore
Where To

Ready for an exhilarating laser tag experience in Singapore? Then make your way to Laser Quest!

The memorable minutes of captivating laser tag game modes won’t leave you disappointed. With unbeatable prices and a fun-filled day, we’re sure that Laser Quest will be your favorite laser tag spot in town!

7. Laser Tag Singapore

Laser Tag Singapore - Laser Tag Singapore
Laser Tag Singapore
Where To

Prepare yourself for an amazing laser tag experience – ideal for team building exercises or family fun in Singapore! We use the most up-to-date gear and provide easy mobile setup, with camouflage tents that bring a heartstopping outdoor laser tag adventure to any place.

Should your group need it, we also have high quality indoor laser tag party setups available. Collect your crew together now and get in touch with Laser Tag Singapore immediately so you can enjoy an unforgettable outdoor game of laser tag!

8. Team Building Squad

Team Building Squad - Laser Tag Singapore
Team Building Squad
Where To

Team Building Squad, the go-to team building activities destination in Singapore, is ready to offer you a completely unique and thrilling experience.

With their 100 laser tag sets, cutting-edge technology and experienced staff members who will guide you through the laser tag event – sharpening your skills in communication, cooperation and strategic thinking along the way – it’s time to unleash your inner warrior! Book your session now for an unforgettable adventure that’ll leave you wanting more. Get ready for some wild fun!

9. Team Building Singapore

Team Building Singapore - Laser Tag Singapore
Team Building Singapore
Where To

Step up to the challenge with Laser Tag Singapore! You’ll have access to 100 cutting-edge laser tag sets, as well as exclusive games devised by Team Building Singapore that can be played anywhere – no age limit. Shield yourself from physical contact and still get an adrenaline rush of enjoyment. Witness firsthand why this is a top choice for team building sessions and join in on all the excitement!

10. Laser Tag SG

Laser Tag SG - Laser Tag Singapore
Laser Tag SG
Where To

Get ready for an unparalleled laser tag game with Laser Tag SG! Their world-class equipment and experienced staff will ensure that your event is a hit. But it doesn’t stop there – they now also offer the extraordinary opportunity to play laser tag in costume, doubling up on the enjoyment of a traditional game. Don’t hesitate any longer – book yours today, and be sure to make your team building Singapore gathering one to remember!

11. Tag Team

Tag Team is a fun and exciting laser tag provider that offers a variety of game modes and equipment. Their experienced facilitators are dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with friends or a team building activity for your company, Tag Team is a great choice. Their indoor laser tag game is perfect for all age groups and occasions.

12. DUX Laser Tag Singapore

DUX Laser Tag Singapore offers a thrilling outdoor laser tag experience that combines strategy and adrenaline-pumping action. Their game modes are designed to be exciting and challenging, and their equipment is top-notch. With friendly and professional staff, DUX Laser Tag Singapore is a great choice for birthday parties, team building events, and other group activities.

13. Battlestrike Laser Tag

Battlestrike Laser Tag is a great option for those looking for an exciting laser tag game. Their games are designed to be challenging and fun, and their equipment is top-notch. The staff are friendly and helpful, making the whole experience enjoyable for everyone.

14. Laser Ops

Laser Ops is a popular laser tag provider that offers a unique and immersive experience. Their game modes are varied and exciting, and their equipment is top-notch. With friendly and professional staff, Laser Ops is a great choice for team building events and other group activities.

15. Combat Skirmish Laser Tag

Combat Skirmish Laser Tag is a well-known laser tag provider in Singapore, offering a variety of game modes and equipment. Their games are designed to be challenging and fun, and their staff are experienced and friendly. With a focus on safety and fun, Combat Skirmish laser tag game is a great choice for team building events and other group activities.

Laser Tag Singapore

Treat your team or friends to a day like no other by booking with one of Singapore’s top event providers! Laser tag, virtual reality missions – you name it. There are plenty of exhilarating activities to choose from that will make for an unforgettable experience and the perfect opportunity to create new memories together. So grab your crew and get ready for a momentous adventure today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about Laser Tag Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Best Laser Tag In Singapore below:

What are the best laser tag providers in Singapore?

Singapore is home to some of the best laser tag providers in the region. From Team Building Squad and Laser Quest Singapore to Laser Tag Singapore and Team Building Singapore, you have plenty of options when it comes to exciting laser tag game experiences. All these providers offer cutting-edge equipment, experienced staff members and exclusive mission setups that you won’t find anywhere else.

Are there any age restrictions for laser tag games?

Most laser tag providers in Singapore do not have an age restriction, allowing people of all ages to join in on the fun! However, some providers may specify that participants must be at least 10 years old or above. Do check with the laser tag game provider that age requirements are met before booking.

What safety measures do laser tag providers in Singapore take?

Safety is always a top priority for laser tag providers in Singapore. All equipment provided is regularly serviced and tested, while staff members also ensure that all participants understand the rules and safety guidelines before the game begins. Additionally, there is usually no physical contact in laser tag game, allowing for a safe and enjoyable experience for all!

Where can I find the best deals on laser tag Singapore?

The best deals on laser tag Singapore are usually found online or through group discounts. You can also check out the promotions and discounts available on various adventure providers’ websites to find the best deal that suits your needs. Be sure to book early, as prices can often be higher when purchased at short notice!

What are some extra tips for getting the most out of my laser tag Singapore experience?

To get the most out of your laser tag experience, remember to dress appropriately and bring along plenty of water. Make sure that all participants understand the rules and safety guidelines before the game begins and keep an eye on any weather conditions that may affect your game time. Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Laser tag is all about team building, strategizing and having a good time, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your strategies and show off your skills.

What is included in a typical laser tag session package with Laser Tag Singapore?

A typical laser tag packages with Laser Tag Singapore includes high-quality laser tag equipment such as safety vests, helmets and guns, all of which are regularly serviced and tested to ensure the optimal playing experience. A team of professional staff members will also be present to ensure everyone is well versed in the rules and regulations before the game begins. Additionally, there are usually plenty of game options to choose from – ranging from traditional laser tag games to virtual reality missions and even costume play!

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