8 Best Men’s Spas in Singapore  [2024]

Mens Spa Singapore

Best Mens Spa Singapore

In the fast-paced, high-stress society of Singapore, men’s spas have become a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The best men’s spa in Singapore include DSparadise Spa, My Cozy Room, For Him Men’s Spa, and The Male Therapist.

When selecting a spa for men in Singapore, take into account various factors including customer reviews, promotions, location, services provided, and available packages.

Singaporean men’s spas provide a personalized wellness journey, blending state-of-the-art therapies with time-honored methods to address the grooming and relaxation requirements of today’s man.

Our list of the top men’s spas in Singapore will guide you to the best places for indulgence, whether you’re a local or an international traveler.

Quick Summary

  • Best men’s spa in Singapore include DSparadise Spa, My Cozy Room, For Him Men’s Spa, and The Male Therapist.
  • When choosing a men’s spa in Singapore, consider factors such as customer reviews, promos, location, services offered, and packages.
  • Men’s spas in Singapore offer a bespoke wellness experience, combining cutting-edge treatments with traditional techniques to cater to the grooming and relaxation needs of the modern man.

Key Consideration Factors

When choosing a men’s spa in Singapore, make sure to consider these important factors:

  • Customer reviews: Reading reviews from previous customers can give you insights into the quality of service and overall experience at a particular spa.
  • Promotions: Check for ongoing promotions or discounts that may make your spa experience more affordable.
  • Location: Look for a spa that is conveniently located and easily accessible.
  • Services offered: Make sure the spa offers the specific services you are looking for, whether it’s a massage, facial, or grooming treatments.
  • Packages: Many spas offer packages that combine multiple services at a discounted price, making it a cost-effective option.

Best Mens Spa Singapore

1) Pure Tincture Organic Beauty

Pure Tincture Organic Beauty - Best Mens Spa Singapore
(Credit: Pure Tincture Organic Beauty)
Key ServiceSkincare and cosmetics
Address1 Coleman Street #02-35 Singapore
Phone+65 6337 6411
Operating HoursDaily 1:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Pure Tincture Organic has been passionately crafting exquisite skincare and cosmetics for the past decade. Their dedicated team caters to the unique preferences of valued customers, consistently exceeding expectations by carefully curating their product selection. But that’s not all – Pure Tincture Organic goes above and beyond to provide an exceptional experience.

Alongside their exceptional product range, they offer complimentary samples, personalized skin evaluations, and convenient local delivery services. The spa is a true haven of indulgence, where every detail is meticulously considered to ensure complete satisfaction.

Discover the beauty of Pure Tincture Organic and witness the difference for yourself. Elevate your skincare routine and immerse yourself in a world of luxury and rejuvenation.

2) The Male Therapist

The Male Therapist - Best Mens Spa Singapore
(Credit: The Male Therapist)
Key Service Local therapist service
Address190 Clemenceau Avenue, #04-15, Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924
Phone+65 6334 4525
Operating HoursMon to Sat: 11 am to 9 pm, Sun & Public holidays: 11 am to 7 pm

The Male Therapist specializes in enhancing blood flow in muscles, eliminating lactic acid, and revitalizing muscles to achieve a refreshed and rejuvenated state. Their therapeutic massage is renowned for inducing relaxation and boosting mental vitality. It is an experience that nurtures both physical and mental well-being.

Their massage techniques are acknowledged for their calming and anti-anxiety effects, providing relief from stress. Moreover, their expertise aids in pain reduction, offering clients increased comfort and well-being. Under the skilled care of their practitioners, clients are encouraged to practice deep and regular breathing.

This not only enhances the overall massage experience but also promotes a sense of tranquility and balance. With a focus on holistic healing and personalized attention, the Male Therapist ensures that each client receives a customized and therapeutic session that caters to their unique needs and goals.

3) For Him Men’s Spa

For Him Men’s Spa - Best Mens Spa Singapore
(Credit: For Him Men’s Spa)
Key ServiceSignature skincare & spa treatments
Address181 Orchard Road, #04-14, Singapore 238896
Phone6332 8333
Operating HoursMon to Fri: 11:00 – 21:00, Weekends & PHs: 10:00 – 21:00

Located in the vibrant city of Singapore, For Him Men’s Spa is a highly regarded and prestigious wellness retreat. With convenient branches on Paya Lebar Road, Scotts Road, Orchard Road, and Tampines Central, it has established itself as a renowned destination for indulgence and relaxation.

As a subsidiary of Beyond Beauty, a key player in the thriving beauty and wellness industry of the country, For Him Men’s Spa upholds an unwavering commitment to excellence and trust in the quality of its services. Specifically catering to men’s needs and preferences, this luxurious spa offers a diverse array of facial and body spa treatments carefully crafted to promote overall well-being and enhance physical and mental vitality.

At For Him Men’s Spa, a team of skilled and experienced professionals utilizes state-of-the-art techniques and premium products to deliver exceptional results. Whether you wish to address specific skin concerns, improve physical fitness, or simply unwind and rejuvenate in a serene environment, their comprehensive range of treatments is tailored to suit your unique requirements.

Step into the world of For Him Men’s Spa and immerse yourself in a luxurious spa ambiance where luxury, wellness, and rejuvenation seamlessly merge. Discover the transformative power of their spa therapies and embark on a holistic well-being journey that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to conquer the world.

4) Urban Homme

Urban Homme - Best Mens Spa Singapore
(Credit: Urban Homme’s Facebook)
Key ServiceTherapies with advanced technology
Address80 Marine Parade Road, #05-15/16, Singapore 449269
Phone6344 6166
Operating HoursDaily 11:00 – 21:00

Urban Homme is the ultimate destination for men’s beauty and wellness needs in Singapore, just like how Mary Chia caters to women. It’s a safe and inclusive space where men can openly address their body concerns because, let’s face it, men have their fair share of issues too. It’s crucial that these concerns are properly attended to.

One of the most sought-after treatments at Urban Homme is the Beer Belly Trimming, which is not surprising given men’s fondness for beer – it’s a well-known fact. While nothing can replace the benefits of hitting the gym and working out, Urban Homme combines science and innovation to provide solutions that can expedite the process.

With a wide array of services and skilled professionals, Urban Homme goes beyond the surface to offer comprehensive care for men’s overall well-being. So, gentlemen, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to Urban Homme and embark on your journey of self-care and self-improvement.

5) DSparadise Spa

DSparadise Spa - Best Mens Spa Singapore
(Credit: DSparadise Spa)
Key ServiceTotal care treatment package
Address15A Temple Street, #02-02, Singapore 058562
Phone6533 4546
Operating HoursDaily 11:00 – 23:00

DSaparadise Spa is widely recognized for its exceptional spa services, offering a wide range of therapeutic treatments that seamlessly combine healing techniques from the East and the West. With an enchanting atmosphere that blends Eastern charm and subtle elegance, DSaparadise Spa invites guests to indulge in a sanctuary of peace and rejuvenation.

The commitment to balance is evident in every aspect of DSaparadise Spa, from the beautiful decor and interiors to the carefully selected treatments and unwavering business ethics. Each guest is treated to a revitalizing journey, restoring both body and mind, while embracing a harmonious environment that promotes overall well-being.

Experience the ultimate getaway at DSaparadise Spa, where tranquility and harmony come together to create an unforgettable escape.

6) Bodylite

Bodylite - Best Mens Spa Singapore
(Credit: Bodylite)
Key ServicePromotional treatments
Address26a Keong Saik Road (2nd level, Chinatown area). 10min walk from Outram Park MRT or Chinatown MRT.
Phone+65 6323 3024 
Operating Hours Daily 11:00 – 23:00

Located conveniently in vibrant Chinatown, Bodylite is the perfect spot to unwind and recharge after a day of exploring the bustling retail and culinary scene. With its proximity to Outram Park MRT, it offers easy access for a quick getaway.

At Bodylite, they provide a range of services designed for men’s relaxation and well-being. Whether you need relief from muscle pain, detoxification, or improvement in your skin condition, their skilled therapists are here to assist you. Treat yourself to indulgent treatments like ear candling, back and shoulder massage, or foot reflexology. With quick and effective 30-minute sessions, even those with a busy schedule can prioritize self-care.

Experience the ultimate oasis of tranquility at Bodylite, where skilled therapists, a serene ambience, and a wide range of services await you. Pamper yourself with a blissful escape and emerge feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to conquer the world.

7) Spa Club at Beach Road

Spa Club at Beach Road - Best Mens Spa Singapore
(Credit: Spa Club at Beach Road)
Key ServiceLuxurious spa treatments
Address75 Beach Road, Level One and Level Two. Fu Yuen Building, S189689
Phone6339 9238
Operating HoursDaily 11:00 – 24:00

Spa Club, located conveniently in the heart of the city at Fu Yuen Building, is the perfect retreat for professionals seeking immediate relief from work-related stress and tension.

Their strategic location provides easy access for busy individuals looking to address various skin and body concerns. From acne and acne scars to wrinkles, sagging skin, dark circles, and eye bags, Spa Club is dedicated to delivering effective solutions for common skin issues.

They also specialize in addressing age-related skin conditions like fine lines, ensuring comprehensive care and rejuvenation for our valued clients.

8) My Cozy Room

My Cozy Room - Best Mens Spa Singapore
(Credit: My Cozy Room)
Key Service Best Extraction Facial
Address6A Cairnhill Road (Opp Paragon Shopping Centre), Singapore 229667
Phone8666 0030
Operating HoursMonday – Friday, 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM; Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

My Cozy Room is a highly regarded facial clinic that takes pride in delivering exceptional services, including their highly sought-after ‘Best Extractions’. With over 8 years of experience in the wellness industry, their skilled therapists are committed to ensuring remarkable results through their curated range of facial treatments.

Experience the ultimate pampering with their comprehensive 120-minute treatment designed to enhance your well-being. This indulgent experience includes a thorough double cleansing process, gentle yet effective exfoliation for radiant skin, soothing steaming to open up pores, and meticulous yet gentle extraction for refreshed and rejuvenated skin. To enhance your experience, enjoy a light and relaxing face and shoulder massage that melts away tension and leaves you in a state of blissful relaxation.

At My Cozy Room, they strongly believe in the transformative power of their specially developed line of facial treatments. Discover the pleasure of their exceptional service and step into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation like no other.

Mens Spa Singapore

In conclusion, Singapore offers a diverse range of spa and wellness centers specifically tailored for men. Each of these establishments provides a unique variety of services and treatments designed to cater to the specific needs of today’s modern man.

With a focus on holistic well-being, these spas offer a safe and judgement-free zone where men can indulge in self-care and rejuvenation.

From body massages to skin treatments, they’ve got you covered. So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, take advantage of these specialized services and pamper yourself with a day of relaxation and wellness in one of these top men’s spas in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about men’s spas in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Men’s Spas in Singapore below:

What are the best men’s spas in Singapore?

The best mens spa Singapore include DSparadise Spa, For Him Men’s Spa, My Cozy Room, and The Male Therapist.

Can men go to spa days?

Certainly, men can definitely enjoy spa days! In fact, many spas offer packages tailored for couples or groups, making it a perfect activity for a date or a day out with friends. Spa days also provide a fantastic chance to relax and bond with loved ones while indulging in luxurious treatments.

Should men go to the spa?

Absolutely! Spa treatments offer numerous benefits for men, addressing both physical and mental well-being. Men’s spas cater to the unique needs and preferences of male clients, providing services for stress reduction, tension relief, pain alleviation, and relaxation enhancement.

What is done to men in spa?

Men can enjoy a range of personalized treatments at spas, including massages, facials, hair and body treatments. Specialized services like waxing and manicures/pedicures are also available. These treatments focus on enhancing well-being and addressing individual needs and preferences.

Do men like spa days?

Without a doubt, both men and women find equal pleasure in spa days! Spa treatments are known to effectively alleviate stress, improve overall physical and mental well-being, and offer a sense of rejuvenation and revitalization. They provide an excellent chance to prioritize self-care and indulge in pampering.

What are some luxurious spa treatments offered at the best men’s spas in Singapore?

The best men’s spas in Singapore offer a range of luxurious spa treatments, including deep muscle massage, body wrap, rejuvenating hydro baths, and exfoliating body scrubs. These men spa treatments are designed to provide a premium and indulgent spa experience.

Are there cozy room boutique spas available for men in Singapore?

Yes, there are cozy room boutique spa available exclusively for men in Singapore. These intimate and stylishly designed spaces offer a private and comfortable environment for men to relax and unwind.

What are the benefits of a wellbeing body massage at a men’s spa?

A wellbeing body massage at a men’s spa is designed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. It can help release tension in muscles, enhance circulation, and provide a sense of mental and physical rejuvenation.

Do men’s spas in Singapore offer specialized body scrub treatments?

Yes, men’s spas in Singapore offer specialized body scrub treatments. These treatments involve exfoliating the skin to remove dead cells and impurities, leaving it smooth, refreshed, and revitalized.

What is body sculpting, and is it available at men’s spas in Singapore?

Body sculpting is a treatment that aims to contour and shape the body by reducing fat deposits and toning muscles. While not all men’s spas in Singapore may offer this specific treatment, some establishments may provide body sculpting services upon request or as part of their menu.

Can men’s spas in Singapore provide hair removal services?

Yes, men’s spas in Singapore often offer hair removal services tailored specifically for men. These services may include waxing, laser hair removal, or other techniques to remove unwanted hair and promote smoother skin.

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