11 Best Relocation Companies in Singapore [2024]

Relocation Companies Singapore

Best Relocation Companies Singapore

If you are planning to move or have already made the decision to move, relocation companies can be of assistance. Finding a business that satisfies all of your demands and offers the greatest service available will help make your transfer easier, whether it’s your first move or your tenth relocation.

We have compiled a list of the Best Relocation Companies in Singapore for both domestic and international movers so that you can save time and money.

But before that, here are some consideration factors that you should keep in mind in choosing Relocation Companies in Singapore.

Consideration factors when choosing Relocation Companies Singapore

  • Size and scope of the move: If you are moving a large amount of items, it is important to make sure that the Relocation Company has the necessary resources to facilitate such a move.
  • Experience and reputation of the company: It is important to choose a company that has been in business for a while, and which has a good track record. Also, make sure to enquire about services that they offer; some companies may be able to provide packing, storage, insurance and even pet relocation services. F
  • Rates and fees: It is essential to compare rates among different companies, as well as inquire about any additional fees. Ask the company for a detailed breakdown of their rates and services so that you can make an informed decision. It is also important to check what insurance coverage the company offers for your belongings.
  • Communication: It is important to ensure that the Relocation Company you choose will be available and responsive throughout the entire process. Make sure that they provide clear communication and can answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

All of these considerations will help you to find the best Relocation Company in Singapore for your needs. Here are the Best Relocation Companies in Singapore!

1. Rodex Movers

Rodex Movers - Relocation Companies Singapore
Rodex Movers – Relocation Companies Singapore
Key ServicesCorporate, Domestic, Express Delivery, Disposal, Warehousing
AddressBlk 5 Ang Mo Kio, Industrial Park 2A #07-02, Ang Mo Kio Tech II, Singapore 56776020
Phone(+65) 6844 3363
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 1PM

Since 1978, professional movers and relocation services have been provided in the area by Rodex Movers. They provide relocation services for businesses, people moving to new homes, corporations moving, and even individuals moving.

With their distinctive method of providing services, they offer an alternative to the typical moving service. Rodex Movers tries to go above and beyond your expectations by providing all clients with higher customer service, more flexibility, and greater value in order to maximize system functionality and raise operational efficiency.

All of the movers are renowned for their client-centered services and in-depth industry knowledge, which guarantees that the clients get the greatest and most skilled moving assistance available. To meet the specific requirements of each client, Rodex Movers offers a range of services, including delivery, disposal, packaging, warehousing, and storage.

Customer’s review:

Rodex Movers are really nominal on their rates and prompt in their services. We appreciate their professionalism. Well done Rodex and thank you so much for your great help!”

2. Santa Fe Relocation

Santa Fe Relocation - Relocation Companies Singapore
Santa Fe Relocation – Relocation Companies Singapore
Key ServicesDeparture services, School search, Area orientation service, Revision on-going shipping, Temporary housing
Address2 Bukit Merah Central, #09-04, Singapore 159835
Phone(+65) 3138 5273
Operating Hours Monday to Sunday: 8 AM to 8 PM

The goal of Santa Fe Relocation is to provide top-notch relocation services. They utilize a global network and offer a variety of services to make sure your transfer is as stress-free as possible.

They can take you anywhere throughout the world because to their vast network of expert movers, which includes people from 47 different countries. Their international reach also allows each office to utilize local knowledge.

Whether you are moving for job or a significant life change, Santa Fe Relocation will make every effort to make it happen. Santa Fe Relocation’s movers promise to treat your goods with care and to treat them well throughout the moving procedure.

Customer’s review:

“The people are working very professional and fast. I can recommend Santa Fe Relocation any time. Thank you”

3. CM Relocation

CM Relocation - Relocation Companies Singapore
CM Relocation – Relocation Companies Singapore
Key Servicesove survey, Packing, Air/Sea/Road Transport, Customs Clearance, Delivery and Unpacking, Shipment insurance, Storage, Pet relocation
Address25 Bukit Batok Cres, #08-09 The Elitist, Singapore 658066
Phone(+65) 6265 7664
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM

You’ll need experts you can rely on to handle, pack, and deliver the intimate belongings of your family. Services for international relocation are offered by CM Relocation in Singapore. They handle the packing and shifting of your house, freeing you up to concentrate on other crucial tasks like relocating your family.

CM Relocation has a lengthy history of carrying out worldwide relocation projects, which has aided them in building a strong reputation as an international moving company. You may trust CM Relocation’s services because they are aware of all the relevant laws and regulations.

They assert that by regularly assessing service quality and exercising financial restraint, they were able to offer premium moving services at a competitive price.

Customer’s review:

“Both the sales department and the movers are very good. Punctual and competitive prices. Great experience! I would highly recommend them!”

4. Star Movers

Star Movers - Relocation Companies Singapore
Star Movers – Relocation Companies Singapore
Key ServicesInternational relocation, Van and lorry delivery services, Airfreight services, Warehouse and storage facilities, Shipping services, Residential relocation, Commercial relocation, Pet relocation, Language and cultural training, Repatriation services, Shipment protection
Address55 Tuas Crescent #05-02, Singapore 638743
Phone+(65) 6791 2488

Star Movers is a well-known moving company that provides moving services in Singapore and Malaysia. Star Movers is an expert in international relocation and has relocated expatriates to over 900 global destinations for the past 20 years. Star Movers has been helping people with their local and international moving needs for the past 20 years.

With regard to household, office, labeling, packing, and furniture moving, Star Movers provides a special service. They attend to your wants and delicately handle your things because they are a top professional mover in this field of service. They take pleasure in paying close attention to even the smallest aspects when providing relocation services.

Customer’s review:

“I used Star Moving & Storage twice this year, and it was a great experience. Aaron’s crew were great – all of the furniture was treated with great care and arrived in perfect condition at the final destination. Many of our neighbors were also impressed at their attitude, work ethic and just overall great guys. This is a company/service that I no reservations about providing a great recommendation.”

5. Move Move Movers

Move Move Movers - Relocation Companies Singapore
Move Move Movers – Relocation Companies Singapore
Key ServicesResidential Moving Services, Commercial Moving Services, Furniture Disposal Services, Furniture Delivery & Moving Services, Special Items Moving Services, Storage, Last Mile Delivery
Address05-35 3 Soon Lee Street, Singapore 627606 (Office)
Ecotech@Sunview #03-11 (Warehouse)
Phone6909 3840 / 8332 5196
Operating hours8am to 11pm, Mondays to Sundays (Including PHs)

Making sure the relocation company is reputable and professional is one of the worries that many customers have while preparing to choose one for their upcoming move. The greatest customer-focused moving services in Singapore are offered by Move Move Movers, who recognizes this need.

The company, which was established in June 2019, gives all of its clients a competitive and straightforward pricing list with specific includes and exclusions and no additional fees. Your possessions are in good hands with full-time movers with experience since they handle your goods with care.

You may be confident that you can use GPS tracking to follow the movers’ whereabouts in real-time so you always know where they are. In addition, each of their trucks has a hydraulic tailgate to prevent laborious lifting, which can damage your belongings.

As soon as you WhatsApp their sales coordinator, their quick-response customer service team will respond.

Are you searching for a reputable and experienced relocation company in Singapore? This is it: Move Move Movers!

Key Differentiators

  1. Very responsive customer service
  2. Experienced full-time movers and GPS tracking
  3. Competitive, transparent prices

Customer’s review:

“Best mover service ever used! Amazed by their cost transparency, so easy to refer and follow their price list no need to worry any heart attacks from hidden cost on moving day. The movers are so helpful and professional with my stuff, customer service seems to be always online to answer my enquirers and attend to my request.”

– Lim Richard (Google Review)

6. AGS Worldwide Movers

AGS Worldwide Movers - Relocation Companies Singapore
AGS Worldwide Movers – Relocation Companies Singapore
Key ServicesInternational move, Domestic move, Office move, Secure storage, Vehicle transfer, Innovative and Professional Packing, Online Tools
Address31 Jurong Port Road #06-10/11, Jurong Logistics Hub, Singapore 619115, Singapore Singapore 619115
Phone(+65) 6777 1166
Operating hoursMondays to Fridays: 9 AM to 6 PM
Saturdays: 9 AM to 12 NN

No matter where you move to or from in the world, AGS is another global mover that promises your relocation will be a success. The entire foreign relocation process is made stress-free by AGS’s assistance.

They manufacture cutting-edge packaging materials that no other company has and their boxes not only shield your belongings from harm but are also good for the environment. They take the protection of your products extremely seriously. The specially constructed boxes may safeguard anything, including halogen lamps, LED TVs, and even one-of-a-kind works of art!

Excellence and customer satisfaction are what drive AGS. They have qualified staff to handle your stuff from start to finish, making sure that the entire procedure is as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Additionally, AGS makes use of an online portal that is connected to the internet. Your own web portal contains all the pertinent information you need to know about your transfer overseas. These services include documentation, tracking, and progress.

Additionally, you may use their online tracking service 24/7 to search for your items in real-time throughout the day and night.

Customer’s reviews:

“From the first survey to the move itself, I found the whole AGS team very proficient, professional and friendly. The quote was clear and arrived just on time, the arrangements and communication pre-employment was swift, and the movers were very fast and thorough.”

7. Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations - Relocation Companies Singapore
Crown Relocations – Relocation Companies Singapore
Key ServicesAssistance before, during, and after the move
Address36 Pioneer Road, 628504 Singapore
Phone(+65) 6861 6818
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Since the 1950s, Crown Relocations has been in business. A group of military personnel who were looking for help with their relocation requirements when they transferred stations founded the organization. This new business accepted the task of helping customers with their relocation requirements. Crown started offering international relocation services in the 1950s, and as a result of connections with more than 50 nations, a global relocation platform was finally created.

In recent years, Crown has expanded its relocation services to include full-service packing as well as off-site storage for personal items during a relocation status.

A virtual consultation with a professional can also be arranged at any time and from any location. They also have a tracking tool online. Because of its shared operational and communication network, Crown Relocations can notify clients in real time.

Along with these technical services, Crown Relocations also helps immigrants and offers house and school searches. In addition to all of these added services, they provide both residential and business moving services.

Crown Relocations additionally assures protection for each and every one of your shipments. Customers can feel secure with the help of CrownCare’s security service.

8. Red Sun Movers

Red Sun Movers - Relocation Companies Singapore
Red Sun Movers – Relocation Companies Singapore
Key ServicesResidential, Commercial, Industrial and International Relocation, Long term & Short term Disposal Services, Handling of bulky items
Address11 Woodlands Cl, #09-17 Woodlands 11, Singapore 737853
Phone(+65) 6366 1548
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday: 9 AM to 6 PM

In the year 2000, Red Sun Movers, a moving business, was founded in Singapore. They offer efficient moving services that are also of a very high caliber. All moving services are performed by certified experts that are qualified for the job at hand.

Red Sun Movers’ relocation experts constantly try their hardest to provide excellent service, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their customer. They do all the work on your behalf because they are aware of how challenging moving may be. The client only needs to focus on enjoying their new home because the relocation specialists make sure every detail is taken care of!

Customer’s review:

“They are very dedicated and go the extra mile to help out their customers. I would recommend them for their efficiency, with incredibly fastpacking services. The price is very reasonable. Overall I would highly recommend them for their attitude as well as their service.”

9. Moovaz

Moovaz - Relocation Companies Singapore
Moovaz – Relocation Companies Singapore
Key ServicesInternational moving, pet relocation, immigration, international school search, home search to settling in services
Address71 Nanyang Dr, #03-01 Nanyang Technological University, Innovation Centre, Singapore 638075
Phone(+65) 6252 3362
Operating HoursMonday to Friday: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

A digital platform called Moovaz was developed to satisfy your needs for modern international moving. It enables you to organize and carry out your own transfer while lounging on your sofa and utilizing simply a smart device. This mover is tech aware and is cognizant of the value of technology.

With pricing transparency, the Moovaz platform enables you to compare costs from dependable vendors for a range of services, including everything you’ll need for your relocation from start to finish.

Your personal relocation consultant will guide you through the entire procedure with the aid of their Relo Buddy technology. Customers that use Moovaz’s dashboard to follow the progress and costs of their move benefit from its transparency and effectiveness.

On the other side, Moovaz only caters to customers in Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, and Hong Kong. Therefore, you could be better off using another service if you’re looking for a location that isn’t in one of the aforementioned nations.

Customer’s review:

“Moovaz team was very responsive and helpful whenever I needed to clarify doubts regarding my move. Def 5 stars for their relocation platform as I found it relatively easy to navigate around, and I especially liked how I can view all my quotations for the different services I require all on the platform! Would definitely recommend Moovaz as it’s able to provide a seamless and fuss-free experience :)) Thank you Moovaz!”

10. KNT Movers

KNT Movers - Relocation Companies Singapore
KNT Movers – Relocation Companies Singapore
Key ServicesProfessional delivery and disposal services, short & long term storage facilities, packing and unpacking arrangements, dismantling and assembling services, large items removal, international relocation
Address3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-15, Singapore 569139
Phone(+65) 6747-6636
EmailMoving inquiries:
General inquiries:
Operating HoursMonday to Saturday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Since KNT Movers began operations in 2007, they have grown steadily stronger. They have mastered house relocation and relocating thanks to their meticulous attention to detail. They assert that their great assistance will ease your relocation issues.

Large things like pianos and safes can be expertly moved by KNT Movers as well. In addition to relocating, they also provide one of Singapore’s most efficient space storage options throughout a move. If you need a short- or long-term storage facility for your furniture and belongings during a move, either temporarily or permanently, KNT Movers has you covered with their clean and secure warehouses.

11. Vimbox Movers

Vimbox Movers - Relocation Companies Singapore
Vimbox Movers – Relocation Companies Singapore
Key ServicesHouse Movers, Office Movers, International Movers, Storage Rental, Event Movers, Safe Movers, Pool Table Movers, Piano Movers, Disposal Services, Container Stuffing & Unstuffing, Lorry Rental with Driver, Packing and Unpacking, Handyman Services
Address10 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #03-08, Singapore 416175, KB Industrial Building, Company No: 201319626W
Phone(+65) 6339 4439
Operating HoursOffice Hours – Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5:30 PM
Movers Hours – Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 5:30 PM

Vimbox Movers is a relocation service provider that was founded in 2013. Vimbox Movers is a top house removal and storage company that has won awards in Singapore and other countries for its outstanding customer service.

Over the course of their years in business, their movers and staff in Singapore have performed thousands of relocation and storage assignments for the government, residential, corporate, and foreign customers. Along with packing, unpacking, disassembling, and reassembling of furniture, Vimbox Movers also offers these services. Vimbox Mover makes sure to take care of every detail when doing a relocation or relocation service so you don’t have to worry.

Anything from moving an office with hundreds of employees to carrying a piano up many flights of stairs is no problem for the Vimbox Movers. On a national and international level, they are capable of providing excellent moving services because to their knowledge and experience.

Customer’s review:

“Boxes: Really liked how they allow you to rent boxes and return them once it’s over, but they also allow flexibility should you already have your own. They also send you tape and bubble wrap as well. Movers: Arrived on time and were very quick, efficient, and careful with all my belongings. Managed to move my piano, computer table, screen and other pieces of small furniture with ease and no scratches. Communication: Very patient in dealing with all my questions about packing and labelling and handling fragile equipment.”

Relocation Companies Singapore

There is a lot of moving, packing, and unpacking that needs to be done during a move, making it a challenging and time-consuming task. Keeping track of everything on your own, from domestic relocation services and home search aid to pet relocation and visa advice, may be challenging. Therefore, we have listed a number of trustworthy and top moving firms in Singapore to assist you with all of these chores.

With the relocation services mentioned above, you and your family have nothing to worry about!

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