8 Best Soundbars in Singapore [2024]

Soundbar Singapore

Best Soundbar Singapore
Best Soundbar Singapore

Looking for the best soundbars in Singapore? You’ve come to the right place!

We will talk about the Best Soundbars in Singapore in this blog post. In order to help you choose the ideal soundbar for your requirements, we’ll be examining soundbars from a number of various brands. These soundbars have been carefully selected by us based on their sound quality, attributes, and cost. We therefore have everything you need if you’re looking for a soundbar to use with your TV or home theater system, one that can provide surround sound, one that is straightforward and simple to use.

But first, here are some considerations to bear in mind while selecting a Soundbar in Singapore.

Consideration factors when choosing Soundbar Singapore

  • Size: It will impact the size and type of room it can be used in – larger soundbars are more suitable for larger rooms and those with higher, whereas smaller ones are better suited for smaller spaces.
  • Type: It will also have an effect on the overall sound quality and power, so be sure to check out reviews for each model before making a purchase.
  • Features: Additionally, look out for additional features such as Bluetooth capabilities, HDMI ports and compatibility with other devices.
  • Price: Finally, consider the price range and budget accordingly to ensure you pick up the best soundbar for you.

Overall, soundbars provide an efficient way to upgrade the audio quality of any room, and with the right model and features, can bring life to your music and movies. With a wide range of models available in Singapore, it’s important to take all factors into consideration before making a purchase – from power levels to price, and from size to sound quality. Here are the Best Soundbars in Singapore!

1. Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar

Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar - Soundbar Singapore
Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar – Soundbar Singapore (Credit: Yamaha)
Key FeaturesDual subwoofers built in for deep bass from an all-in-one sound bar
Where to buyClick Here

Yamaha is widely recognized for making excellent musical instruments, and the company’s YAS-109 Sound Bar showcases its strengths in the bass department with twin built-in subwoofers that produce bone-rattling bass and allow you to not only hear but actually feel the music as it pounds your heart.

The soundbar uses DTS Virtual:X technology to disperse sound across the space, giving listeners a completely immersive movie experience.

The conversation is improved with the feature Clear Voice, so you won’t have to repeat anything while watching the movie.

Key Differentiators:

  • Easy control of your sound bar, smart home devices, music, and more with built-in Alexa voice control
  • Improved discourse intelligibility thanks to clear voice
  • Virtual 3D surround sound by DTS®
  • Streaming your music and podcasts through Bluetooth®

Customer Testimonial:

“Item well packed and works like a treat!”

Wayne L.

2. Bose Soundbar 700

Bose Soundbar 700 -Soundbar Singapore
Bose Soundbar 700 -Soundbar Singapore (Credit: Bose)
Key FeaturesFeaturing immersive sound, deep bass, and easy access to your entertainment
Bose Music app
Where to buyClick Here

If you appreciate listening to music, you’re probably already aware that one of the most well-known producers of high-quality sound is Bose.

The Bose Soundbar 700 creates ear-shattering noise from movies and television shows, and it can be upgraded with additional Bose speakers and subwoofers for a more potent setup.

Despite its simplicity, the soundbar can disperse sounds across the space to create an airy and spacious listening atmosphere.

For better clarity, the strong subwoofer guarantees a deeper bass response. It may also be utilized as a standalone audio system, and the Bose Music app makes it easy to switch between tunes wherever you are.

Key Differentiators:

  • Alexa built-in
  • Voice-activated TV
  • For synchronized music playback, use a Bluetooth speaker or SoundTouch device.

Customer Testimonial:

“Timeless brand and product over the decades with product and glass top speckles shiny smooth and solid sound melodious to the ear, best effect with companion bass module and Surround Speaker 700.”


3. Xiaomi Mi Soundbar

Xiaomi Mi Soundbar -Soundbar Singapore
Xiaomi Mi Soundbar -Soundbar Singapore (Credit: Shopee)
Key FeaturesWired and Wireless TV SoundBar 
Where to buyClick Here

For occasional TV viewers who simply want something to improve their TV audio experience without having to spend a fortune, the Xiaomi Mi Soundbar will be excellent.

Although the TV’s built-in speakers aren’t particularly strong, the subwoofer delivers great bass. In terms of bass quality, it is a wise improvement from the built-in speakers on most TVs.

Finally, this soundbar has a distinctive fabric covering that makes it look really stylish and exquisite next to your television.

Key Differentiators:

  • Excellent sound effects, ducted sound cavity, 30W speaker
  • Simple trendy design with a matte black stripe
  • Bluetooth 5.0, SPDIF, and AUX connections, both wired and wireless
  • Wall-mounted or desktop, built-in wall mount
  • Immersive, with movie theater-like effects
  • Support desktop and wall mounting

Customer Testimonial:

“Purchased during 9/9 flash sales. $35 soundbar has exceeded its expectations. Able to connect wirelessly by Bluetooth and S/Pdif cable is quite redundant with newer models of televisions. Nonetheless, no frills and quality soundbar albeit without remote controller makes its slightly troublesome.”


4. Harman Kardon Citation Soundbar

Harman Kardon Citation Soundbar - Soundbar Singapore
Harman Kardon Citation Soundbar – Soundbar Singapore (Credit: Harman Kardon)
Key FeaturesDedicated to delivering luxurious audio experiences
Where to buy
PriceS$ 1,199.00

Probably the most technologically advanced soundbar ever created is the Harman Kardon Citation Soundbar.

The Harman Kardon Citation Soundbar stands out thanks to its user-friendly color LCD touchscreen, which you can use to control it without the aid of any applications or remote controls.

For specific movie nights, you may also activate the Soundbar’s Movie Mode to direct sound to the three front speakers. It will offer a more concentrated soundstage for blockbusters with strong emotional intensity that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Key Differentiators:

  • Genuinely superior product
  • Wireless surround sound that is cinematic
  • Beautiful and sophisticated design

Customer Testimonial:

“Overall the Citation Bar is a very good three-channel soundbar, but at this price there are better value alternatives. If there was a sub in the box it would be a different story, as we suspect the complete kit will be altogether more mind-blowing.”


5. Samsung 7.1.4 Channel Soundbar with Dolby Atmos HWQ90R

Samsung 7.1.4 Channel Soundbar with Dolby Atmos HWQ90R - Soundbar Singapore
Samsung 7.1.4 Channel Soundbar with Dolby Atmos HWQ90R – Soundbar Singapore (Credit: Samsung)
Key FeaturesIndulge in True Cinematic Surround Sound with 7.1.4 Channels
Where to buy
PriceSGD 1,180.00

The True 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar is yet another example of the high caliber home electronics that Samsung has long been known for making.

The product’s Adaptive Sound, a cutting-edge sound optimization method, was developed by Harman Kardon, a renowned authority on audio technology.

It enables spectators to clearly hear everything while simultaneously amplifying sound based on each movie scene, enabling them to hear even the tiniest of whispers. It contains two wireless rear speakers that reflect sound waves back down from the top of space.

What’s the outcome? Any home entertainment system is instantly elevated to dramatic heights by a moody, three-dimensional surround sound experience. With its Game Mode Pro, which raises sound levels for the perfect game night at home, this system can only get better.

Key Differentiators:

  • 17 speakers to simulate front, side, rear, and above surround sound
  • Analyze material to automatically deliver a sound effect that is optimized
  • Harman Kardon is being used in conjunction with
  • Gaming Mode
  • Adjustable Sound

Customer Testimonial:

“There is no other soundbar package available that offers a genuine 7.1.4-channel system with a wireless subwoofer and wireless rear speakers combined with four overhead channels.”

AV Forums

6. Cambridge Audio TV5 (V2) Soundbase

Cambridge Audio TV5 (V2) Soundbase -  Soundar Singapore
Cambridge Audio TV5 (V2) Soundbase – Soundar Singapore (Credit: Cambridge)
Key FeaturesSoundbase with Bluetooth
Where to buy

You shouldn’t be fooled by the Cambridge Audio TV5 Soundbase’s plain, black appearance. Inside are two subwoofers and a special Balanced Mode Radiator Speaker.

The dual subwoofers quadruple the low-frequency effects to better enhance battle scenes, psychological thrillers, live-action concerts, or other such events.

The BMR Speaker is perfect for people with little TV space and no room for large home systems because it disperses sounds at a 180-degree angle from a compact device.

Key Differentiators:

  • Dual downwards firing subwoofers
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Strong but compact

Customer Testimonial:

“A sonically superb soundbase from the bass to the treble – with sturdiness and style to boot.”

What Hi-Fi

7. JBL 2.0 Channel Bar Studio Soundbar

JBL 2.0 Channel Bar Studio Soundbar - Soundbar Singapore
JBL 2.0 Channel Bar Studio Soundbar – Soundbar Singapore (Credit: JBL)
Key Features2.0 – Channel Soundbar with Bluetooth
Where to buy
PriceS$ 299.00

This JBL Bar Studio 2.0 Noir is a fantastic substitute for the expensive JBL model for those on a tight budget.

When using JBL’s technology, you don’t need to bother about buying or attaching additional speakers or connections. Additionally, it incorporates a Dual Bass Port, which amplifies low-end sound to improve deep noises in movies and video games.

Additionally, it offers an easy-to-use TV remote control and Bluetooth and HDMI connectors, which are features found on the majority of soundbars in Singapore.

Overall, it’s not overly expensive and retains all of the key features found on top soundbars.

Key Differentiators:

  • Soundbar all-in-one with integrated Dual Bass Port design
  • Bluetooth allows for wireless audio streaming
  • Can function with your TV remote

Customer Testimonial:

“Overall, this is a strong example of a product that focuses on the main job in hand, and does it well. Supremely simple operation, punchy, authoritative sonics, and a sub-£200 ticket make it easy to recommend.”


8. Philips Soundbar Speaker HTL1508B

Philips Soundbar Speaker HTL1508B - Soundbar Speaker Singapore
Philips Soundbar Speaker HTL1508B – Soundbar Speaker Singapore (Credit: Philips)
Key FeaturesSoundbar Speaker
Powerful sound for your TV
Where to buy

One of the cheapest soundbars available in Singapore is the Philips Soundbar Speaker. There are two built-in speaker channels that provide simple but acceptable sound.

You can wirelessly listen to music from your phone or MP3 player because it has Bluetooth. There is an Audio In port for you to connect your phones or other devices to if you wish to.

Although it’s not intended to deliver a whole-room stereo effect, it is sufficient to deliver a pleasurable home theater experience at a fair price.

Key Differentiators:

  • Audio input to listen to music from an MP3 player or an iPod
  • Your music devices can stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth.
  • For the ideal fit in front of your TV, choose a low-rise profile.

Customer Testimonial:

“Found thus at a great price..was later glad I purchased it Sounds great at higher volúmenes. Great soundbar.Yes, I recommend this product.”


Soundbar Singapore

There is something here for everyone because everyone has varied needs in terms of music quality and features. If this article on soundbars in Singapore was helpful in identifying the kind of soundbar that would be ideal for your requirements, please feel free to share it with friends who might find it useful.

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