14 Best Study Tables in Singapore [2024]

Study Table Singapore

Best Study Table Singapore

Are you in search of the top study tables Singapore has to offer?

Then you’ve landed at your destination! In this blog post, we are proud to highlight 14 extraordinary study tables available on today’s market. We have meticulously curated our selection based off criteria such as price, design and practicality.

Thus if you’re a student looking for their inaugural desk or seeking an upgrade for your current one, rest assured that we got something just right for everyone!

Key Consideration Factors

  • Space: When considering which study table to buy, one of the most important factors is space. You need to make sure that the table you choose will fit in the space you have available. Measure the area where you want to put the table and make sure to take into account any other furniture that might be in the way.
  • Storage: Another important factor to consider is storage. A good study table should have plenty of storage space for books, papers, and other materials. Look for a table with shelves or drawers that can help you keep your things organized.
  • Comfort: Comfort is also an important consideration when choosing a study table. You want to make sure that the table is at a comfortable height for you to sit at and that it has a comfortable chair. You don’t want to be uncomfortable while you’re trying to study!
  • Budget: Of course, another important factor to consider is your budget. Study tables can range in price from very affordable to quite expensive. Set a budget for yourself and try to stick to it as much as possible.

Best Study Table Singapore

1. JIJI SG Minimalist Study Table

JIJI SG Minimalist Study Table - Study Table Singapore
JIJI SG Minimalist Study Table – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesThe table can be folded when not in use so you can save space
Where to BuyShopee

This JIJI SG study table looks sturdy yet straightforward, and the best part is that it’s foldable! Easily stash this away for later use. You’ll also love its 80 x 45cm tabletop – perfect size at an affordable price point.

Whether you’re living in a small home or apartment, this is an outstanding option as it can be set up quickly from the unfolded position and does not require any installation.

2. SIRIO Electric Standing Desk

SIRIO Electric Standing Desk - Study Table Singapore
SIRIO Electric Standing Desk – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesIt’s a less expensive alternative to an electric standing desk while still providing comparable quality to the previous top versions
Where to BuyShopee

Sirio’s study table is nothing short of revolutionary. It provides the same quality as its more expensive electric standing desk counterparts, but at a fraction of the price! You can choose between two elegant tabletop options: 6mm tempered glass or 12mm solid wood. Either way, you’ll get a chic and modern look that will be sure to impress anyone who visits your workspace.

At our store, we are proud to offer tempered glass tables for all your needs — they are not only aesthetically pleasing but highly durable. Our intelligent control pad even enables you to adjust the table’s height from 72-121 cm with a single touch and save your settings for future use!

An additional perk of the Sirio table is its generous storage drawer, which measures 72 x 34cm and can store books, notes, documents—even mobile phones and tablets!

The T-Hub offers a compact, lightweight design with an anti-collision system and a child lock feature, allowing you to adjust the table height without pressing any of the buttons on the control panel. Furthermore, there is a child lock button and an anti-collision system that can automatically detect any object beneath the table to prevent unwanted accidents.

3. UMD Study Table

UMD Study Table - Study Table Singapore
UMD Study Table – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesSimple and modern-looking, with a big tabletop for studying and you may adjust the size to your requirement
Where to BuyShopee
Price$39.00 – $259.00

The UMD Study Table is a stylish and functional addition to your home. It features an adjustable tabletop so that you can customize it based on the size of your room. Plus, there are two leg colors—black or white—and four different tabletops shades available for personalization to fit with any décor scheme. The table itself is built from high-grade wood and boasts 25mm thickness which provides durability without compromising aesthetics!

Not only is the table leg constructed with anti-rust steel, it’s also able to withstand up to 300kg weight. But that’s not all! When your order arrives, you’ll be provided a free professional assembly service for added convenience too.

4. Excel Life Modern Table

Excel Life Modern Table - Study Table Singapore
Excel Life Modern Table – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesExcel Life study table combines a sleek modern look with an industrial design for extra sturdiness.
Where to BuyShopee
Price$35.00 – $229.00

The modern, industrial-style Excel Life Study Table features a stylish Z-leg that provides superior stability and non-slip feet to protect your flooring. Its rounded corner design makes it smacks, while an additional shelf allows you to keep books or decor items nearby. Combining sleek aesthetics with sturdy construction and practical designs, the Excel Life Table is sure to provide long lasting satisfaction in both form and function!

5. Hollin 8 Ergonomic Table

Hollin 8 Ergonomic Table - Study Table Singapore
Hollin 8 Ergonomic Table – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesHollin 8 study table is ideal for you if you want to sit and work on your laptop
Where to BuyShopee

The Hollin 8 study table provides the perfect workspace for all your laptop needs. With a gas lifting mechanism that can adjust from 77 to 106.5cm, it is ideal whether you prefer sitting or standing while working – making it an invaluable addition to any office setup!

Not only is this chair’s thick cushioning and outstanding upholstery luxurious to the touch, but its high backrest ensures perfect posture while supporting your spine for long periods of time. Its sophisticated PU leather construction likewise guards against any type of strain or fatigue you might otherwise experience.

6. UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk

UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk - Study Table Singapore
UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesThe UNIX UNIQ combines the timeless beauty of designer quartz with the functionality and usefulness of contemporary workplace areas into one masterpiece, making it the world’s first quartz standing desk.
Where to BuyUnix
PriceStarts from $1079

The UNIX UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk is an absolute must-have for any home office. This incredible desk merges timeless quartz design with the latest technology to create a one-of-a-kind piece that will make your workstation look like something out of a dream. Not only does it have all the features you need from a modern standing desk, but this masterpiece also stands as being truly unique—the first ever quartz standing desk in existence!

With its captivating L-shape, this desk is sure to be the centerpiece of any workspace or home office. Crafted from real stone marble and quartz tabletops, it will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your setup!

The UNIX UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk is truly remarkable in terms of its longevity and ease of upkeep; plus, it’s stain, scratch, and bacteria-resistant – making it an ideal purchase for anyone seeking a dependable workspace. Not only can you hold your laptop or textbooks on top; but this desk doubles as a functional table for any activity! Investing in the UNIX UNIQ Quartz Standing Desk means investing in long-lasting convenience that will never let you down.

7. Omnidesk Pro 2020

Omnidesk Pro 2020 - Study Table Singapore
Omnidesk Pro 2020 – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesOmnidesk has also carefully designed the ideal ergonomic curvature for a better standing desk experience
Where to BuyOmnidesk

Upgrade your workspace with the Omnidesk Pro 2020, featuring a meticulously crafted top made from the highest grade MDF wood and coated with a micro-textured powder designed to track mouse movements. This smooth surface functions as an expansive mouse pad while also making for perfect furnishing – offering both form and function!

Omnidesk has taken into consideration the most comfortable and ergonomic curvature to give you a better standing desk experience. The perfectly angled curve ensures that sitting or leaning with your forearms on the edge of this desk won’t cause pinched nerves in the long term.

8. VHIVE Flexi Workstation

VHIVE Flexi Workstation - Study Table Singapore
VHIVE Flexi Workstation – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesWith 3 open rooms and 2 with doors, you’ll have plenty of space to store your books, notes, folders, and other items.
Where to BuyShopee

With the Vhive Flexi Workstation, you can keep your budget in check and still have plenty of storage. The bookshelf comes with a shelf to neatly organize all of your items, while three open shelves and two doors provide enough room for books, documents, binders or anything else you need!

There are two installation options for this study table: the side-facing shelf and front-facing shelf. The latter is ideal if you’re looking to save more room, not to mention its natural oak finish and wooden construction will bring a cozy touch to your space.

9. Spaceman

Spaceman – Ensemble mini shelves ~ wall mounted table + chairs - Study Table Singapore
Spaceman – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesWith little effort, you may convert this desk into a table for four with additional storage. It comes with several shelves for storing décor or stationary for extra room
Where to BuySpaceman
Pricefrom $1,688

If you’re limited on square footage but need a productive workspace or study area, Spaceman’s wall-mounted set is the perfect option! Easily transform it into a table for four with extra storage shelves – great for storing decorative items and stationary. Plus, if you ever need to use the desk again in the future all that’s required is to remove the chair from below and voila: mission accomplished!

Spaceman’s Ensemble wall-mounted table and chairs are a revolutionary design that allows you to comfortably equip up to three people for gatherings with friends, as well as add extra seating if needed. The storage capabilities of this set make it an ideal addition; giving convenience without consuming too much space!

10. PESCI Study Table PESCI Study Table - Study Table Singapore PESCI Study Table – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesIt’s made of 100% toxic-free and kid-friendly Osmo Wood Wax with good water-repelling, stain-resistant capacity
Where to BuyLazada

If you are looking for a simple, yet elegant furniture piece to add to your home decor, the MYSEAT Pesci Study Table is an excellent option. The table top consists of American red oak wood which features long-lasting durability as well as impeccable beauty in any house setting. To complete the design, its legs are made with stainless steel and finished in black – blending seamlessly with the natural oak color tabletop that creates a stunning contemporary look.

Osmo Wood Wax is an ideal solution for parents with kids; this 100% non-toxic product offers an excellent water repellant and stain resistance. Your dining table can remain safe from the mess of wine, beer, cola, tea or milk spills without any signs of watermarks!

11. EverDesk+ Max

EverDesk+ Max - Study Table Singapore
EverDesk+ Max – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesThe GyroAxis anti-collision system on the ‘EveryDesk+’ is capable of detecting obstacles as it moves up or down to avoid any collisions
Where to BuyEverdeskplus
Pricefrom $749

ErgoTune has outdone themselves with the new EverDesk+ – a significant improvement on their already popular ampDesk. Whether you select either of the two models, Max or Lite, each comes equipped with an array of space-saving features that enable for maximum desk organization and ergonomic comfort. Make your workday easier than ever before thanks to ErgoTune’s latest innovation: EverDesk+.

12. Minidesk Premium Height Adjustable Desk For Kids

Minidesk Premium Height Adjustable Desk For Kids - Study Table Singapore
Minidesk Premium Height Adjustable Desk For Kids – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesEverything about the desk frame to its child safety lock has been created with your children’s development and safety in mind
Where to BuyShopee
Price$909.00 – $969.00

The Minidesk is the ultimate workspace package for your children, complete with features that prioritize safety and development. From its desk frame to its child safety lock, every detail has been carefully thought out with kids in mind! This is a great choice of study table for young ones aged 3-10 years old as it can accommodate their growth up to 110cm in height.

13. Height-Adjustable Study Table

Height-Adjustable Study Table - Study Table Singapore
Height-Adjustable Study Table – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesFrom an 80cm wide tabletop to adjustable legs that help to adapt the sitting height of your child, this children studying table focuses on providing maximum comfort and usefulness.
Where to BuyShopee
Price$89.10 – $107.10

Is your child interested in creative pursuits? The height-adjustable children’s study table is ideal for you! From an 80cm wide tabletop to adjustable legs that help to adapt the sitting height of your child, this children studying table focuses on providing maximum comfort and usefulness.

This is to allow your children to concentrate only on the creative aspect of drawing and painting. Did we also mention that the table comes with a 60-degree angular tilt? Drawing on an elevated surface helps your children avoid visual distortion, ensuring that the drawing surface matches the angle at which the subject is being seen!

14. CIAXY Student Desk

CIAXY Student Desk - Study Table Singapore
CIAXY Student Desk – Study Table Singapore
Key FeaturesA desk with a high level of suitability for gaming is one that offers stability, good ventilation, and a low center of gravity. It also has integrated table edges to keep anything from falling off the top
Where to BuyShopee

CIAXY’s Student Desk provides the dependability of a classic school desk and chair combination, making it easier for your children to recreate their learning environment at home. Equipped with features that streamline completing assignments, CIAXY’S STUDENT DESK is guaranteed to make homework time much more productive!

If you’re looking for a desk that is perfect for gaming, you want something with the utmost stability, superior ventilation and good center of gravity. Plus edge protection to secure items from rolling off your desktop! As an added bonus this particular model even has a side hook capable of supporting up to 35kgs – ideal if storage is needed for holding school bags or other necessities.

Study Table Singapore

Searching for the ideal study table can be an overwhelming chore. Thankfully, there is a wide range of choices to pick from! Whether you are looking for something modern with stainless steel legs and American Oak wood surfaces or a more classic school desk setup that offers both stability and comfort – it’s out there waiting just for you!

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