15 Best Virtual Workshops In Singapore [2024]

Virtual Workshops Singapore

Best Virtual Workshops Singapore
Best Virtual Workshops Singapore

Are you looking for the best virtual workshops in Singapore? Look no further! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top-notch virtual workshops that are available in Singapore.

Whether you’re interested in learning a new skill or just looking for virtual team building activities in Singapore, these courses will give you an opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge from the comfort of your own home.

From hands-on sessions to interactive activities, these workshops in Singapore that are conducted online have something for everyone. So what are you waiting for?

Read on to find out more about each workshop and sign up today!

Key Consideration Factors

Here are some things to consider when choosing a virtual workshop in Singapore:

  • Affordability – Cost is an important factor when selecting a virtual workshop. Look for courses that offer competitive pricing and discounts to make your investment worthwhile.
  • Quality – It’s important to ensure the quality of the course content and delivery prior to enrolling in a virtual workshop. Check out reviews from past participants, as well as any certifications or accreditations the workshop may have.
  • Interactivity – Virtual workshops should be engaging and interactive. Look for courses that offer opportunities to network with instructors, as well as collaborate with other students in a virtual environment.
  • Duration – Depending on your goals and objectives, you’ll want to select a course that offers a suitable duration.

Best Virtual Workshops Singapore

1) Virtual Non-Stitched Leather Workshop

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FunEmpire provides an opportunity for virtual team building in Singapore called the Virtual Non-Stitched Leather Workshop. In this session, participants will learn basic leatherworking skills including how to handle leather and how to design their own leather items.

In the class, you will learn to work with different leather types and special tools like needles, rivets, and waxed linen thread. Along with your classmates, you will make unique leather items and enhance your crafting skills. Lastly, you can keep the products you created as a memento.

2) Virtual Soy Candle Making Workshop

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The company FunEmpire, located in Singapore, provides a Virtual Soy Candle Making Workshop as an enjoyable and engaging option for virtual team building in Singapore. Participants can use the virtual workshop to produce their own soy candles, complete with customized scents and colors. In addition, attendees will gain knowledge about various wax types, wicks, and fragrances, enabling them to make personalized and singular candles.

During the workshop, you will be taught the fundamental steps of preparing and pouring wax, placing wicks, and safety measures for creating candles. Decorating your candles with dried flowers or colors is also available for participants. You can keep your customized candles as a lovely keepsake to bring home.

3) Virtual Terrarium Workshop

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FunEmpire offers a Virtual Terrarium Workshop which allows groups to collaborate and build a unique terrarium as a team. During the workshop, participants will be taught the essential techniques for creating a terrarium, such as picking plants and arranging them in an attractive way. The workshop instructors will help select the plants, soil, stones, and decorations needed to make a customized terrarium. The session will begin with a brief introduction to the materials and techniques used.

During the class, teams will discover how plants interact with their environment, which will improve their crafting skills. After the class, each team can keep their own personally crafted terrariums and collaborate on art projects together.

4) Virtual Clay Making Workshop

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Join FunEmpire’s Virtual Clay Making Workshop with your team for a fun bonding experience and create customized clay crafts. This workshop will give you a brief lesson about pottery basics and will provide you with essential tools such as molds, stamps, and glazes. It’s one of FunEmpire’s top team-bonding activities popular in Singapore that you don’t want to miss!

At FunEmpire’s virtual clay workshop in Singapore, all materials will be provided so you don’t need to bring anything. At the end of the workshop, teams can choose to take their creations home or have them delivered, which means there’s no need for transportation. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for teams to have fun and develop new skills.

5) Virtual Canvas Art Jamming

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FunEmpire in Singapore offers a team-building activity known as Virtual Canvas Art Jamming. Teams can participate in an interactive virtual workshop to produce collaborative artwork on canvas. The activity covers fundamental canvas painting concepts like brush techniques, color mixing, and composition.

Once the teams are familiar with the tools and materials given, they can create their own canvas design using various colors and techniques to showcase their creativity. It’s a fun way to express personal ingenuity while working together in an environment that values the contributions of every team member.

6) Virtual Tote Bag Art Jamming

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FunEmpire offers a team-building activity called Virtual Tote Bag Art Jamming in Singapore. This activity involves interactive canvas painting on totes and helps participants learn the basics of canvas painting, including brush techniques, color mixing, and composition. Once the participants are comfortable with the tools and materials, they can work together to create unique designs.

Teams are invited to unleash their creativity and uniqueness by employing different colors and techniques to design canvas tote bags. They will be given clear guidelines on how to transfer their designs onto the bags. After completing the project, each team member can keep the tote bag they crafted as a memorable keepsake. By working together on art projects, teams can build stronger relationships while exploring their artistic skills.

7) Virtual Balloon Sculpting Workshop

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FunEmpire provides a Virtual Balloon Sculpting Workshop that is an entertaining online team-building activity. The workshop involves teams collaborating to craft original balloon sculptures for decor. The essential balloon sculpting concepts that the workshop covers include handling techniques, safety precautions, and conceptualization. Participants will also gain insight into picking the appropriate balloons and tools to produce exquisite balloon sculptures.

The workshop aims to enhance teams’ problem-solving abilities and encourage creativity. At the conclusion of the event, teams can exhibit their work and foster unity, learn new skills, and broaden creativity.

8) Virtual Stitched Leather Workshop

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FunEmpire offers a team-building experience with a Virtual Stitched Leather Workshop. The workshop teaches the fundamentals of leather crafting such as handling techniques, concept development, and different types of leather. Participants will make projects like wallets and straps using tools like needles, rivets, and waxed linen thread. They’ll also have the chance to enhance their leather crafting skills and create stunning pieces to take home.

9) Virtual Escape Room

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FunEmpire provides virtual team bonding activities in Singapore, wherein players can participate in online escape room games. The games require participants to solve puzzles, search for clues, and collaborate with each other to achieve solutions. Engaging in this activity helps team members gain insight into different cultures, values, and perspectives. Moreover, it helps them define their roles and responsibilities within the company. To participate, players must have access to the necessary technology, such as computers or smartphones with a stable internet connection. Teams should also plan ahead to complete all tasks on time.

10) Hybrid Amazing Race

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FunEmpire provides a team-bonding activity named Hybrid Amazing Race in Singapore that is conducted virtually. In this activity, teams need to work together and apply their problem-solving abilities to solve clues and obtain answers. This activity also gives a chance for participants to familiarize themselves with the cultures, values, and professions of their peers. To join, participants require a dependable internet connection and access to essential devices such as laptops and smartphones.

Planning ahead is crucial for ensuring timely completion of tasks. One idea to strengthen team bonds, have fun, and learn new things is to try the hybrid version of Amazing Race.

11) Virtual Squid Escape

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FunEmpire offers the Virtual Squid Escape workshop in Singapore which is based on the popular TV series Squid Game. This virtual game involves challenging puzzles, an exciting escape room experience and interactions with exotic animals. However, the game also has a storyline where players may be mistreated by the game organizers. If players witness this, they can choose to flee and report the operation to the authorities. Overall, Virtual Squid Escape is an enjoyable activity suitable for all players.

12) Virtual Amazing Race

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FunEmpire offers a team-building activity called virtual Amazing Race that can be conducted in Singapore. The activity involves solving problems and finding clues as a team. It also provides an opportunity for team members to learn about each other’s cultural backgrounds, beliefs, viewpoints, and job responsibilities. To participate, teams would need access to modern technology, such as internet-connected computers or phones. Proper planning is necessary to complete all tasks within the given timeframe.

13) Virtual Super Planet

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FunEmpire, a company in Singapore, offers Virtual Super Planet as a team building activity. It involves solving puzzles and finding clues in a world where Earth has been destroyed and humans now live on other planets. Through the use of superpowers, teams collaborate to locate other superheroes and develop a strategy to rebuild Earth.

14) Virtual Party Mania

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FunEmpire is a Singaporean company that offers Virtual Party Mania as a virtual workshop for team-building events. The game, which includes trivia questions and fun activities, is suitable for a range of occasions. It can be played on Zoom using any internet-connected device, ensuring that everyone can participate without any hassle. This virtual party game is a great way to keep all attendees entertained, no matter how large the party is.

15) Virtual Mayday

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FunEmpire offers virtual team-building activities in Singapore, including “Virtual Mayday.” This activity involves solving puzzles and searching for clues to learn more about each other’s cultures, values, and jobs. “Virtual Mayday” challenges your team to assist Captain Roger in rescuing botanist Louis, who is stranded on a deserted island. With a hurricane approaching and no communication with Louis, time is of the essence. Your mission is to aid in the rescue operation and guarantee Louis’ safe return with his crucial research.

Virtual Workshops Singapore

Virtual workshops are an excellent way to bring teams together, strengthen team bonds and learn new things. They’re great for developing skills or for team building in Singapore.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event or just looking for something fun to do with your friends, these best virtual workshops will help make sure everyone is having a great time while learning how to work together as a cohesive unit.

So if you’re looking for unique ways to bond with your colleagues or simply want some quality entertainment online – be sure to check out one of these incredible virtual workshop options!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions about Virtual Workshops in Singapore, you can refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best Virtual Workshops in Singapore below:

What are the benefits of attending a virtual workshop?

Virtual workshops provide an opportunity for teams to come together and bond, regardless of physical location. They also help participants learn about each other’s cultural backgrounds, values, job responsibilities and viewpoints. Furthermore, virtual workshops can be conducted quickly and easily using modern technology, such as internet-connected computers or phones.

Will I need special equipment to join a virtual workshop?

Most virtual workshops require access to modern technology, such as internet-connected computers or phones. Additionally, teams should ensure they have the necessary software and hardware to participate in activities. Proper planning is key for successful workshops.

What type of activities can I expect from a virtual workshop?

Virtual workshops usually involve problem solving, team building activities, trivia games and fun interactive challenges. Depending on the specific activity, participants may need to answer questions or work together to solve puzzles and find clues. Additionally, some activities may also involve physical movement, such as dancing or aerobics.

How do I book a virtual workshop?

Most virtual workshops can be booked online through the provider’s website. Be sure to read up on the provider’s details before booking to ensure that their services and activities are suitable for your group. Additionally, check out user reviews to ensure that the provider is reliable and trustworthy.

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