11 Best WiFi Mesh in Singapore [2024]

WiFi Mesh Singapore

Best WiFi Mesh Singapore
Best WiFi Mesh Singapore

We are aware that WiFi is a crucial component of many people’s life in the modern world. In Singapore, the WiFi and mobile phone industries have been expanding quickly, and wifi mesh is the upcoming big thing.

Additionally, Singapore is a wifi mesh hotspot, so this list should be useful if you don’t want to be left out.

This article will discuss the Best WiFi Mesh in Singapore who offer the most value for your money and outstanding customer support. We’ll also offer advice on what to consider before choosing, so you can relax knowing that your WiFi connection will be excellent.

But before that, here are some consideration factors that you should keep in mind in choosing WiFi Mesh in Singapore.

Consideration factors when choosing WiFi Mesh Singapore

  • Coverage and reliability: When choosing a mesh network provider, it is essential to ensure that the service has good coverage and reliability throughout the entire area of your home or place of work. An experienced WiFi Mesh provider should be able to provide quality support and services for seamless use.
  • Speed of the network: You should also consider the speed of the network when choosing a WiFi Mesh provider. Singapore has some of the fastest Internet speeds in the world, and so you want a service that can keep up with that level of performance. Additionally, it is important to make sure that your router or modem can handle the increased bandwidth from using a Mesh Network.
  • Additional fees or charges: You should also consider the cost of the WiFi Mesh provider, as well as any additional fees or charges that may be associated with using their services. When choosing a WiFi Mesh provider in Singapore, it is essential to research and compare your options carefully before making a decision.

Take into account all of the factors mentioned above to ensure that you get the best possible service. With a reliable and fast WiFi Mesh Network, you can enjoy the convenience of seamless connectivity whenever you need it. Here are the Best WiFi Mesh in Singapore!

1.  ProLiNK AC2100

ProLiNK AC2100 - WiFi Mesh Singapore
ProLiNK AC2100 – WiFi Mesh Singapore

The finest option for a multi-story home is the next one.

If you reside in a two-story home, you are likely aware with the issue of dead WiFi zones. You will have a strong connection in every location of the building thanks to the PROLiNK AC2100 (which is sold on the PROLiNK Official Store), so you won’t be interrupted or have your connection speed slowed down.

A reliable connection may be provided for households up to 6,000 square feet using this WiFi router’s mesh technology, which supports internet connections up to 2100 Mbps. ft.

You may completely personalize your home’s WiFi system with this PROLiNK router to suit your unique demands. You won’t be constrained by your home’s layout or the placements of the current LAN points as a result.

Touch and hold the Xtend Pro until the signal is connected to your phone to pair it. It’s not surprising that it’s recognized as one of Singapore’s top mesh WiFi routers given this capability.

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Key Differentiator:

  • Reduces the number of dead ends
  • Technology Touchlink
  • Network protection
  • Smartphone application

Customer’s Review:

Arrived earlier than listed which is great. it’s a great product with easy set up and has instantly fixed my weak wifi slt router situation.. highly recommend!

Prashan B.

2. Google Nest WiFi

Google Nest WiFi - WiFi Mesh Singapore
Google Nest WiFi – WiFi Mesh Singapore

Without the well-known Google Nest WiFi on the market, our list would be incomplete.

The powerful built-in capabilities of the Google WiFi Mesh ensure a reliable network connection with extensive coverage. This uses functions like finding the fastest WiFi spot and easing congestion.

The Google Nest WiFi has a straightforward user interface. From the app, you can rapidly modify its parental control settings, access restrictions, and preferred devices. Additionally, it provides device priority, cloud-based security, and parental controls.

The Google Nest WiFi Mesh consists of one router and two points. The entire home is covered by its scalable architecture, and the signal is always strong. The Google Home gadget, a smart speaker that doubles as a microphone hub and Nest Wifi point, can also be controlled with the Google Assistant.

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Key Differentiator:

  • Able to stream 4K videos repeatedly
  • For network security, a cutting-edge security chip
  • Able to manage 200 linked devices
  • Parental authority
  • Update systems automatically

Customer’s Review:

I upgraded to the Nest Wifi from the original Google Wifi because it has stronger antennas that give it a larger coverage footprint. Granted, my apartment is only 1000 sq ft but for some reason, the wifi signal was not reaching all the way to my home office where my desktop computer is. I technically got a signal but it was a fraction of the bandwidth every other room was getting. My new setup has drastically improved everything! I not only switched out the Google Wifi for the Nest Wifi as my main hub router, but I was also able to then use the original Google Wifi now as one of the “beacons” located in my office. The bandwidth increased well over 1000%! Needless to say, I’m very satisfied with those results.


3. TP-Link Deco X20

TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Mesh WiFi - WiFi Mesh Singapore
TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Mesh WiFi – WiFi Mesh Singapore

With its whole-home coverage, TP-Deco Link’s X20 wifi mesh has you covered.

You can seamlessly and quickly cover up to 5,800 square feet with Wi-Fi 6 technology, which also eliminates dead spots and buffering.

TP-Mesh Link’s Technology ensures that all of your devices are always connected, even as you travel from room to room with just a single name and password. As we all know, one of the advantages of a fantastic WiFi mesh is to eliminate any dead spots.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be concerned about how many devices are linked to it. With robust and stable WiFi, the Deco can connect up to 150 devices. Additionally, the Deco app’s clear visualizations make network setup and maintenance straightforward.

Additionally, you don’t have to worry about how many devices are linked to it. Up to 150 devices can be connected to the Deco via robust and stable WiFi. Additionally, the Deco app puts you in control even when you’re not at home and makes setting up and maintaining your network straightforward using simple-to-understand visuals.

Finally, as it is backward compatible with all WiFi generations, suitable for any internet plan up to 1 Gbps, and compatible with any internet service provider (ISP) or modem, you won’t need to worry about its compatibility.

Get your Deco X20 here!

Key Differentiators:

  • Extremely Low Latency
  • WiFi 6’s Enhanced Seamless Coverage
  • Able to work with Google Alexa

Customer Testimonial:

“Items arrived in good condition and is quite easy to set up using the app”

Tea H

4. TP-Link Deco X50

TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Mesh WiFi - WiFi Mesh Singapore
TP-Link Deco M9 Plus Mesh WiFi – WiFi Mesh Singapore

The TP-Link Deco X50 provides its customer with a quick WiFi 6 connection that can reach 3.0 Gbps in speed. In order to guarantee that your network and other devices have adequate bandwidth, it also contains three Gigabit ports. Additionally, the TP-Link Deco X50 offers 3,500 square feet of flawless mesh WiFi coverage (1 pack covers up to 2,500 square feet).

The best method to stay on top of everyone’s newest and greatest WiFi network is to have an AI-driven mesh. In order to provide you with the finest WiFi possible, it learns about the network environment in your home.

Furthermore, they have a TP-Link HomeShield feature, so you can always feel secure. Parental controls, complete network security, and real-time IoT protection are all included in this network security package.

Last but not least, because their Deco app walks you through the setup process step-by-step, you don’t have to worry about difficult setup procedures.

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Key Differentiators:

  • Coverage for homes with up to 4 to 6 bedrooms.
  • Protection from cyberattacks in real time
  • A beautiful and useful design

5. Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System

Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System - WiFi Mesh Singapore
Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System – WiFi Mesh Singapore

The success of the company is being further enhanced by Linksys’ most recent iteration of its Velop mesh WiFi technology, which was unveiled at CES 2019. This award-winning invention, known as the Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi System, focuses on giving users access to cutting-edge technologies.

You can increase your network coverage to 6,000 square feet with Linksys’ Velop AC6600 and receive dependable, quick connections in every part of your home. A smartphone app can be used to easily set up, monitor, and control any equipment.

The best feature of this system is how the other nodes will take over if one of them accidentally disconnects. Additionally, it can manage heavy traffic and choose the quickest channel for a particular connection.

Additionally, this has Smart WiFi Technology, which enables independent network setup control when linked to an internet source. Even without using the smartphone app, you may rapidly manage the settings using voice commands. You can protect your main network by setting up a separate, secure network just for visitors.

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Key Differentiators:

  • Using Tri-Band Technology
  • Homely, aesthetically pleasing design
  • Mobile Application
  • Vocal Recognition
  • Separate access for guests and members

Customer’s Review:

This is an excellent product and I am so overwhelmed that I got it in india at such cheap cost. People are commenting that the product is not good or speed is not good is all crap. This is just amazing. I own Google wifi as well which I got from USA and now this.

Trust me setting this up was a breeze. In 3-4 mins all 3 were online. I use them in access point mode. I first used them in normal mode as well for testing.. Even Google doesn’t support wireless back haul bridge mode. But this does. And I have set up far away and still all 50 mbps I am getting which my isp provides. So guys get this product blindly and cost is same as amazon usa or its original cost. What else one needs now. Worth every single penny.

Capt. Shadab

6. RBK23 – Orbi AC 2200

RBK23 - Orbi AC 2200 - WiFi Mesh Singapore
RBK23 – Orbi AC 2200 – WiFi Mesh Singapore

Another honorable mesh network system with a dedicated tri-band connection that gives you faster and more reliable WiFi is the Netgear Orbi RBK23. Additionally, it contains an LED indicator that indicates if your connection is strong or weak. The Netgear Orbi AC2200 Mesh WiFi Wireless Satellite System consists of an Orbi WiFi Router and an Orbi Satellite.

You are able to change every control setting using the mobile app. You can use it to block the internet at mealtimes or bedtime, as well as to establish time limits and content filters for children. This is one of the best Wi-Fi mesh systems in Singapore if you’re looking to enable the technology of your youngsters.

Take advantage of lightning-fast internet speeds that can reach 3000 square feet. Through the use of its FastLane3 technology, which boosts Online speeds to 2.2 Gbps, this also provides a quick internet connection.

It offers parental controls and a single network name that provide seamless connecting from room to room. It is simple to set up and compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, needing no effort on your part.

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Key Differentiators:

  • 866 Mbps speed
  • A modern style
  • Technology using FastLane3
  • 3-band connection
  • Mobile application
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa

Customer’s Review:

I mean I can’t think of a single negative aspect. Hence the 5 out of 5 stars. Set up is easier and faster than making a sandwich. And I’m a sandwich ninja. Certified. Anyway, so this thing is absolutely amazing! My router/modem is located in our basement where the kids sleep (no it’s not a dungeon, it’s finished with cool stuff like a ping pong table and peace on earth) and upstairs was not getting a good WiFi signal at all. Pretty much useless. Once I installed the Orbi, the clouds parted and I heard angels singing “Whyyyyyy Fiiiiiiiiii”. Life has returned to the upstairs area, the darkness has been lifted. I can now stream 1080 HD videos about food once again. (Sandwiches of course) – Thank you Orbi 1 Kenobi, you were my only hope.

Mike P.

7. Aztech Dual Band AC2100 Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point WMB250AC Triple Pack

Aztech Dual Band AC2100 Wi-Fi Mesh - WiFi Mesh Singapore
Aztech Dual Band AC2100 Wi-Fi Mesh – WiFi Mesh Singapore

The greatest Wi-Fi expanding option is offered by Asight Aztech Dual-Band AC2100 Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point WMB250AC Triple Pack at its price. The triple pack can be used to make sure that when you’re away, there is no lag or slow connection in any of the rooms in your house.

Three different access points are included in the Aztech Dual Band Triple Pack, and they work together to offer up to 5GHz Wi-Fi. Your connection will be as frictionless as possible thanks to cutting-edge mesh wireless technology, which enables your device to connect to the pack that is closest to it and ensures a stronger signal. Give yourself permission to use nearly 2100mbps throughout your home.

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Key Differentiators:

  • Fast internet connection
  • Lag-free
  • Secured connection throughout your home

Customer’s Review:

Good product. recommended to buy.


8. Asus ZenWiFi AX (XT8)

Asus ZenWiFi AX (XT8) - WiFi Mesh Singapore
Asus ZenWiFi AX (XT8) – WiFi Mesh Singapore

Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System from Asus with a maximum coverage area of 5,500 sq. Ft. or 6+ rooms, 6.6Gbps WiFi, 3 SSIDs, free parental controls and network security for life, 2.5G connector.

The biggest feature of this WiFi mesh network is that it makes use of the ground-breaking AiMesh technology, which enables anyone to quickly and easily set up a whole-home mesh network while simultaneously giving more seasoned users complete control of advanced networking features. It has a quad-core CPU to deliver WiFi 6’s maximum performance.

With a built-in antenna and circuit board, this touter’s vertical housing is movable, which enhances WiFi signal quality and ventilation for better thermal performance. The Asus Router app makes it easy to set up as well.

Check it here!

Key Highlights:

  • A surplus of up to 5,500 sq. ft.
  • May link up to six rooms
  • Parental authority
  • Mobile application

Customer’s Review:

I upgraded from an Asus AC68U and have owned many Asus routers in the past so I know the quality from Asus would be top notch.

This mesh setup did not disappoint and was easy to setup. Living in a two story house I had some dead spots where signal was not great downstairs since my router is located upstairs inside a closet. I now have one unit upstairs where the modem is and one unit downstairs setup as the node.

Since setting this up, it has not only eliminated the dead spots but have also made the WiFi speeds downstairs match the speed I would get upstairs.

Asus always seems to offer the best value. When I was shopping for a mesh setup, I compared with the orbi and velop. Both were around $700. At this price, it’s a no brainer to give it a try.

I’d recommend anyone looking for a mesh setup to strongly consider the zen WiFi AX mesh system for its value and ease of use.


9. Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi System

Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi System - WiFi Mesh Singapore
Tenda Nova Mesh WiFi System – WiFi Mesh Singapore

The Tenda Nova MW6 AC1200 Mesh WiFi Router System has three units with potent Wi-Fi signals that can reach up to 6,000 square feet, and it is outfitted with real Mesh technology. It contains a clever auto-path selection mechanism that improves wireless network stability and speeds up internet access.

What distinguishes this WiFi Mesh from others is the use of Wave2.0 MU-MIMO technology. It is more effective at communicating than standard routers and can connect to multiple wireless devices at once.

Beamforming technology is another feature that helps concentrate transmission power on wireless devices for stronger signal reception. Dead zones have nowhere to hide in your home or place of business, so you can always obtain a strong WiFi signal.

Get it here!

Key Differentiator:

  • Continual reconnection
  • Control and customization of the network
  • Parental authority
  • Stylish Design

Customer’s Review:

I was hesitant to buy this system because it was so inexpensive compared to the top rated ones. I have Xfinity in a 2 story, 4 bedroom house and was constantly losing connection to the internet no matter where I was in the house. Some parts of the house was worse than others. So I decided to upgrade my router and found out about mesh wifi. I read a lot of articles and did lots of comparing before deciding on this Tenda Nova system. I like that it has only 1 corded node, which is the main one that gets hooked up to the modem. The secondary nodes are plugged right into the outlet so I have have no unsightly cords. Plus, the areas that I placed the secondary nodes are hallways so they would have been sticking out like sore thumbs if I bought the pack where all three nodes looked like the main node. I have had great internet connection everywhere in the house since installing this system. The setup through the app was incredibly simple and it’s great to be able to see all the devices that are connected. The app even does a bit of troubleshooting for you if something goes wrong. Like the other day, I suddenly lost connection so I tried to restart my modem first and nothing happened. So I went into the Tenda wifi app and it told me that the WAN cord was disconnected. Sure enough, it was loose on the modem. I just pushed it back in and we were back in business. Buy this! You won’t regret it!


10. Asus Lyra Trio AC1750

Asus Lyra Trio AC1750 - WiFi Mesh Singapore
Asus Lyra Trio AC1750 – WiFi Mesh Singapore

A WiFi mesh router with an award-winning antenna design, the Asus Lyra Trio AC1750 can handle concurrent network activity while also boosting Internet speed, giving you a rapid and dependable connection.

If your home has on-wall Ethernet ports, you can connect your routers through a hardwired connection for better performance.

It is compatible with different smart home platforms and works with Amazon Alexa. This mesh device can also be used as a component of your smart home system, providing rapid access to it.

If you don’t require anything complicated to set up and aren’t very tech savvy, this might be the best WiFi mesh in Singapore.

Check it here!

Key Differentiator:

  • Beginners Welcome
  • Amazon Alexa-compatible
  • Parental access and controls
  • Cloud-based security

Customer’s Review:

I live at the second floor of the apartment, with three rooms and a living room. Before I bought Lyra Trio, I only used a router for usage, suddenly I figured out that one router was not strong enough for usage. For example, when I was in bathroom, the wifi signal was weak, I could barely use my mobile when I was close enough to door…

When I searched for mesh router , which claiming can solve WiFi dead spot, I figured out that Lyra Trio had many well reviews, that is the reason why I choose Lyra Trio. After I took it back home, I was attracted by it fancy and beauty appearance, that could be a decoration in my house. I set it up through ASUS Lyra App, setting steps was user friendly and smoothly, that was a well experience. Besides, Lyra App had lot of practical functions, such as AiProtection, parental controls, that can ensure safety and manage the devices of my families.

After I set up all Lyra Trio, I used mobile in bathroom again, just as what I expected , I could use social media and IM smoothly. I was satisfied about what Lyra Trio gave me, and so as my families.

Tannie Lo

11. Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router and Mesh WiFi System

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming  - WiFi Mesh Singapore
Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming – WiFi Mesh Singapore

Have you ever encountered a technical issue while broadcasting or playing an online game? You can get help with this issue from the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router and Mesh WiFi System.

The ideal router for gamers and streamers is the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming WiFi Router and Mesh WiFi System.

You can play online games quickly with this WiFi Mesh. The versatility and freedom of the whole-home mesh wifi technology allow you to broadcast and play games fast from anywhere in your house. The pre-paired mesh system instantly synchronized the gaming router’s network settings with the mesh extender.

Finally, this router integrates all of these capabilities into a single wireless 300Mbps gaming router. You can play and stream games simultaneously on it thanks to its two (2) USB 2.0 connections and six (6) Gigabit Ethernet ports without having to pause them because of slow internet.

Get it here!

Key Differentiators:

  • Suitable for streamers and gamers
  • Fast internet connection for online games
  • 6 USB Ports

Customer’s Review:

I’ve tried every combo of wifi routers to meet the needs of my house, and only this one has been able to produce the goods. I’m covering nearly 3K sq ft of house, with 3 kids that use a computer for gaming plus a minimum of of 2 each additional devices/draws while doing so. I think at any given moment, I probably have no less than 15 things connected to my WiFi. This router handles it all. Basic mesh setups failed me previously due to overall bandwidth limitations, but with the hybrid mesh setup I get with this, I get a high powered gaming router and a mesh extender that can deliver in previously unreachable spots with high speed and with seamless connectivity, The DumOS software works well with the 1.7 GHz processor; it’s intuitive and able to manage your traffic nicely. Overall, it’s a little pricey , but well worth the money if you’ need to run a sustainable, high demand, Internet connection over a large area with multiple gamers and streamers.


WiFi Mesh Singapore

Our selection of wifi mesh routers should have aided you in making an informed choice regarding your wifi requirements. Please let us know if we missed any WiFi providers, and we’ll add them to the list.

Singaporeans will be able to take use of quick internet connections with the aid of these wifi providers without having to be concerned about dead spots in their homes or workplaces.

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